So, have I mentioned lately how much i love my boyfriend. Well, if i haven't, I REALLY love my boyfriend. Please look at what he bought me this weekend. Talk about complete goodness. He really is way too good to me..i just don't deserve it..i just don't! I got all the new Sassafras and a lil Jenni Bowlin plus two wonderful sets of Mr. Tim's stamps. Gosh I must use all of this ASAP. I am also super excited because I found out today that I am going to be able to attend Scrapfest. Scrapfest is a scrapbooking event that I just absolutely love. I get to spend some fun time with great friends. I also get to scrapbook all weekend. No interruptions. Wow! I sure hope something lovely comes out of me. I always get lots of great stuff done at events like this so I am hoping to do some really neat projects and layouts. I have a few ideas in mind. I also can not wait to spend time with my scrapbooking peeps. Time with those folks is NEVER wasted. Anyways, I must go because I have lots to do before I go to bed. Nitey nite. Hope your weekend was as good as mine!


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  1. Hey Ash.. I wish I could be scrappin with you girls this weekend! But, before you hit the bed at night think of me... I will be sleeping in my lazy boy with Luke... LOL Miss you!