So, have I mentioned lately how much i love my boyfriend. Well, if i haven't, I REALLY love my boyfriend. Please look at what he bought me this weekend. Talk about complete goodness. He really is way too good to me..i just don't deserve it..i just don't! I got all the new Sassafras and a lil Jenni Bowlin plus two wonderful sets of Mr. Tim's stamps. Gosh I must use all of this ASAP. I am also super excited because I found out today that I am going to be able to attend Scrapfest. Scrapfest is a scrapbooking event that I just absolutely love. I get to spend some fun time with great friends. I also get to scrapbook all weekend. No interruptions. Wow! I sure hope something lovely comes out of me. I always get lots of great stuff done at events like this so I am hoping to do some really neat projects and layouts. I have a few ideas in mind. I also can not wait to spend time with my scrapbooking peeps. Time with those folks is NEVER wasted. Anyways, I must go because I have lots to do before I go to bed. Nitey nite. Hope your weekend was as good as mine!



10 things i love Wednesday...two days late

Number 1!

This hat that Elsie is wearing. It must be purchased.

Number 2!

These precious journaling cards from Elle's studio. I can't wait for Christmas music and lots of christmas projects!

Number 3!

This girl's photography...Lacey Champagne....and this fab pic of this lil rockstar!

Number 4!

This art journal/mini album...i need to do a mini album soon...maybe that will bring back some kind of creative spark.

Number 5!

These lovely fall outfits from Orla Kiely...oh god fall come soon!

Number 6!

Yummy Yummy!

Number 7!

This bag...another first check purchase...(my first check is going quickly..lol)

Number 8!

This is little girl's vintage clothing at its cutest....Madelyn would rock the hell outta this

Number 9!

These layouts....they are so lovely!
Number 10!

Fall...i love everything about it....it needs to come now...i need the inspiration that the season brings!
THANK GOD it's Friday. Happy Weekend!


Not so much...

Okay so I finished my project. The idea was to do a layout on an old record. I do not like the layout so much but i will definately try this idea again. I also plan to do a layout on the record cover too. So, here it is...now keep in mind that it is not too hot but I am so rusty right now...you all know how that is.

So anyways.. I just wanted to give you an update on LuLu. She is going to be 9 months old in a few days and she is getting so big. She is now pulling herself up on EVERYTHING. She steals my heart and I miss her so much now that I don't get to see her often. Here are a couple of pics. I'm off to shower then bed..going for a 5am run tomorrow (or at least i hope so). Have a good Wednesday.


Feeling Creative

Well, I got a Starbucks and you know what that means...I am finally feeling creative. I went to the local antique store and bought a few little goodies. I am going to do a lil project with one of them right now (hopefully). I am going to finally be able to do something in the creative realm. It has been oh so long. I will be sharing the project later. Oh, and by the way, the camera that peeps are wanting to know about is from the lovely Urban Outfitters. You go to apartment and then electronics. I knew you would all love it. I MUST have one. Anyways...I'm off to create...cross your fingers that this goes well.

Happy Tuesday! Ash*



I am a Kindergarten teacher now and it feels like my brain is suddenly a huge ball of mush. I tried to be creative this weekend and, guess what!!! it didn't work at all. I did however have a large, long talk with shane about my future and we have come to some conclusions. I have so many creative ideas about careers and a few little special things that I want to try to accomplish. However, he also tried to knock some sense into me and told me that I have to be a whole lot less scared to make these dreams come true. That is the hard part. I am always talking myself out of my dreams because of my fears. I MUST STOP! It is almost like this whole situation and this whole last couple of weeks has given me a new lease on life. It has also made me have that New Year's feeling. It is making me want to write a list and get to completing it. I am excited to see what God now has in store for me because he just threw me a curve ball and I know he wants me to pursue things that are my passion. I am listening God 10-4! So in the midst of the weekend I started on a layout where I am using an 8x10 of Madelyn. HOwever, the picture is only of her profile and there was tons of white space. On the picture, I wrote all of these little words of wisdom that I want her to live by. While writing this, it felt like I was the one who needed to hear them the most. So, I wanted to share with you what I wrote.....
*Pray even when it feels like He's not there* Dance every dance, never sit out* Don't settle for just any guy, but, when the right one comes along, love him with your whole heart* Sing out loud, at the top of your lungs* Always make time for your family* Trust me, your parents are usually right* Learn from your mistakes* Pain is okay, feel it and grow from it* Dance in the rain* Praise Him for the everyday* Don't be afraid to fail, it will hold you back from your dreams* You are beautiful* If you fall, get back up and dust yourself off* Surround yourself with people who love you for you* Always be true to yourself, because, in the end, you are the one who has to be happy* Life goes by so fast, so, enjoy your now* Put your trust in God, he will never, ever let you down* I adore you, and I always will* Your dreams should be limitless* Take in every moment and know that this is your life, treasure it........so that is that. All of those little words of wisdom are really making me want get to it and live the life that IIIIIIII want. Hopefully this little burst of spunk does not leave quickly, I am liking the feeling. I need to do some journaling, praying, and soul searching, but i am conifdent that I am headed for some good things. Anyways......................................................in other news, these are the three things that must be purchased with my first paycheck:

Numero Uno^

This precious little instant camera that takes credit card sized color photos. Can anyone say ooooolala!

Numero Dos^ Lots of new Sassafras...
Oh God I could just hit the floor.

Numero Tres^

Lots of new Jenni Bowlin goodness.

Okay so that was a very deep and very long post....sorry to bore you all...I will however will hopefully be back later for a fun little tidbit from the weekend...It's monday...praise as much as you can




Okay so on top of the many disappointments in my life these last couple of weeks...i had one more. I've been wanting to post about this but I have been forgetting. Me and some friends went to see The Time Traveler's Wife the night that it came out. This was last Thursday at midnite. This was also the day that I lost my job and packed up my entire classroom. I was so thrilled to have one happy thing that day to look forward to. The friends and I had planned this trip the minute we found out that the book was going to be a movie. Now remember, I ranted and raved about this book a couple of times on the blog. The book is so moving and wonderful. However, imagine my disappointment when the movie was absolutely HORRIBLE. It was terrible. My friends have not read the book, they were all completely lost the whole time. I, however, knew what was going on but had no desire to even watch because it was done so badly. I am so sad that this movie was not more. I was looking forward to buying it on dvd and watching it on rainy Sundays. Oh well...maybe I will have better luck with another movie that is coming out, The Lovely Bones. This too was a book. One of my top three faves of all time. It is about a girl who is murdered and dies and she watches her family deal with her death and finding her murderer from wherever she is. The book is lovely so I hope the movie will be too. Can't wait to find out. Well, I am off to scrapbook. I have some starbucks in hand and my eyes are all but shut. But....i am going to force myself to at least do one layout. Hope you had a happy Friday! Have a good weekend. (Don't go see The Time Traveler's Wife)



10 things I love Wednesday

So...it is Wednesday...you know what that means..two more days of school bliss and then the weekend...hehe...so ready for that weekend....i plan on doing some kind of creating this weekend...i must, if not i will shrivel up and die...lol...i also want to spend some time with my boo and go get LuLu for a sleepover.....oh so much to look forward to....anyways...here are the 10 things that I'm loving this Wenesday....by the way, Vera if you're reading this...when is sassafras coming in? i NEED some!

number 1!

These precious ballet flats. Oh these take me back to my dancer days!

number 2!

This pink armoir. Oh pink...i love you! I also love the whole set-up in this little areas. Gotta love those cameras on the top!

number 3!

This precious little camper. My family and I used to go camping all the time when I was younger. Our camper wasn't so vintage and cute though!

number 4!

Vintage Ledger paper. Three words: YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!

number 5!

This lovely white watch from Fossil. Now that I'm teaching, I realize I need a watch. So. I may purchase this one this weekend!

number 6!

These two outfits....especially the one with the cowboy boots!

number 7!

Ahhh this is a beauty.

number 8!

This adorable little vintage outfit from Etsy. I need something sooo similar!

number 9!

Lovin this layout with Jenni Bowlin goodness.

number 10!

Last but not least this fab little hat! I must buy it!

There you have it folks! I'm off to have dinner at a friend's house and hit the treadmill for a long, long run. There is just nothing like a long run after a crazee day! Hope it was a happy hump day!


Oh Monday!

Well, it's Monday. I am in the midst of mountains of paperwork for school. I just finished cleaning my closet. My apartment has taken a backseat throughout these crazy last few weeks, and it is driving me nuts. I need everything to be clean. So...I just wanted to take a small break and post some fashion inspiration. I was in need for a lil fashion on this Monday evening. Enjoy!!!!

Ahhhh...fashion makes my heart go pitter patter. Other than scrapbooking...I'm obsessed with fashion. And, Fall is my absolute favorite season. The clothes are always best in fall. I am in the process of starting to work out and eat right again and I just can't wait to loose a few and go blow some paychecks on lots of fashion goodness!
Well, I'm off there's lots to do for school tomorrow!
Praise Him for all that he has done and is yet to do!
Bye guys! Have a good week!


Not too hot

So i am just waking up and it's almost 2pm. I got bumped to Lockport Lower Elementary. I am taking the position of a Kindergarten teacher who is on a sabbatical. I was at the new classroom until almost 4am this morning. I must say that the principal is great, the school is great, and the teachers are great. However, the classroom is not. And you know me, I don't function well when things are not organized, clean, and cute. I tried my hardest to put up little touches of me and organize things but it still does no good. I am sick of spending my extra time at school and I am sick of the fact that I go to college to be able to have a job that I want and to be able to have some type of job security and I have none of that. At the end of this year, I will be bounced around again. I am DEFINATELY not doing too hot. I feel that I have been positive throughout this whole thing...I'm trying to not say poor me and wallow in it but I am at some sort of a breaking point. I have absolutely had enough of all this crap and I don't even know why I went into this profession in the first place. A situation like this definately makes you wanna leave the state and say peace out I'm going find a different job. On top of all this some other things are going down that I just am in no mood to deal with. I guess my funk last week was foreshadowing for what was about to explode in my life. Ever since I was called into the principal's office and told that I lost my job, I have repeated three thousand bazillion times, "I trust you God...I trust you God..." and I do I trust him. I am holding on for dear life and praying that something will come out of this. Sorry this post is so gloomy but tons of people have been wanting to know what was up so I figured I would tell you. Hopefully my peppiness will be back soon. Right now, I just feel like I am allowed to stay in these PJs all day...cry a little....and veg out. But.................................................I have to go back to that darn classroom and do three mountains of paperwork. GOD HELP ME! Hope you guys have a great weekend. By the way, I owe you a "10 things I love Wednesday" Thanks for all the prayers, support, and encouragement. Don't stop praying.

Love you guys!
P.S. I'm still praising Him because He is so good!


the WORST day

So...after hours in the classroom...months of hard work...hundreds of dollars....and lots of time from myself, family, and amazing friends..... i lost my job today...

yep i got bumped by another teacher.

not so happy..

keep me in prayer..



Different Mood

Okay so I am just getting in from the gym and I am feeling much more uppity....and yes i am drinking a starbucks....that definately might not be the smartest choice since i need to be up at five a.m. but i got a baby one and not the huge mama that i usually get...and i know that it's geek to put pics of myself but i get tired of posts with no pics...sooooooooooooo that explains that....its amazing what a run and a starbucks can do for you....anyways im off to shower, do a little reading...and rest my weary head...he!he!

Have a great Tuesday!

Don't forget the big man!


Not AGAIN!!!

...and i thought that my days of writing lesson plans were over.....DEAD WRONG! Yep guys that's what i'm doing writing lesson plans...now i know why i wasn't missing college one bit. I am here at this computer totally stressed and overwhelmed with these plans and getting everything ready for my students on Friday. I just don't want to screw them up. I just want this year to be the bomb diggity for both, me and them. I am so STRESSED. I am going to the gym to run I have to do something to relieve this feeling. Well, hope you guys are having a good Monday. Keep me in your prayers.

I'm fine i just had to vent!



The classroom

Tons of people have been asking about my classroom. After months of hard work, lots of paint, tons of help from friends and family...the classroom is finished. (Well, for now) You know that I will be changing and adding things. Please excuse the boxes in the pics...the trash needed to be taken out. Keep in mind that students' work will be everywhere. Hope you love it. I am so pleased at how it came out. It is fun, bright, and cheery.


10 things I love Wednesday....on um Friday

Okay so I have officially started school...it is extremely hectic. I am feeling very welcome and people have been so helpful and nice. However, I am so new at this and there are like 72 bazillion things that I need to do but I am so tired from the long drives, the 5 o'clock mornings and 12 o'clock bedtimes, and the daily stresses of being a new teacher that I can not even fathom working on all the things that need to be done.

Anyways...I was so busy this week I didn't get a chance to do 10 things I love Wednesday...

Here it is...

#1 This picture

Oh God do i need to see this face right now....It makes me oh so happy.


Moments like this one that make me stop and take inventory of my life. Moments that make me take a deep breath, smile, and smell the roses


This lovely little outfit

Slouchy with a touch of safistication....love it


This piece

Might be another apartment purchase


Complete Yumminess!


Oh goodness more yumminess


This wall decor that the wonderful Elsie has done...I have to steal this


Okay this is the best little set-up...i will be committing theft of so many of these decor ideas


This pretty little photo from Vogue-1950

The release from Worship (especially at church on Sunday)
Well, there's the 10 things this week. Hope they served as a lil dose of eye candy and inspiration....I'm off to bed...I was supposed to be doing school work but I just played on here all night. ....I will post pics of my classroom tomorrow...Hope you guys have a great weekend!