This weekend...

this weekend was oh so fabulous. i took the day off friday and shane and i went shopping. i got these:

when i saw them at aldo i had to have them. i am pretty sure i had some exactly like them when i was 8. shane was a sweetie and got them as an easter present.
i also got new wedges and lots of clothes. i love to shop. i really really do. it's the best stress relief and definately therapy.

after some retail therapy on friday, i did some creative therapy on saturday. we had a crop at the store and some of my most favorite people were there. we had a blast. i got a butt load of stuff done too. here's some of the layouts that i did.

title: one month
journaling: at one month, you are growing lots. you are starting to smile and focus a lot more. you started eating formula. you are even getting a couple of little jelly rolls.

title: proud
journaling: hayden is so proud to be you and madelyn's big brother. he will take such good care of you.

title: i wonder
journaling: what they are thinking in their little heads. what they are feeling in their little hearts.

title: that hair
journaling: even though your daddy has dark hair, everyone was surprised to see your head full of black hair. i think it is so precious, especially the way it all sticks up around the middle.

title: adoration
journaling: you can see it all over her face. ella and nana 2/24/11

title: none

see i told ya i got a lot done. i also got a few projects for the Pretty Little Studio design team completed. you will have to check out their blog to see them. also check out all of the awesome products over at pretty little studio.

on sunday i went to church (which was amazing and life changing, literally) and slept pretty much all day.

this weekend was so necessary to rejuvenate myself. i was definately a little rundown. so excited about the holiday weekend and so excited to spend some time with family. sad that the boo is working all weekend though.

well time to get some things picked up around the store. hope you are all doing well.

happy happy tuesday.



i have been popping into my scraproom during all my free little moments lately. all i have been working on is miss ella's book. why is is that baby girls are the funnest thing to scrap. god help me if i have a son.

i have also been poking around blogs and checking out sketches. i think i have followed a sketch once in my whole scrap life. however, in the last week, i have kinda used three of em. they definately help give direction and jumpstart the scrapping process.

here's a sketch from the Sassafras blog that i chekced out.

here's what i came up with:

Title: A mother's love is like nothing else in the world it knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. Agatha Christie.

I am working on a sketch from Studio Calico now and will post it soon.

Here are a few other layouts that i've created recently.

Title: Already
Journaling: They already love you. They are already hooked. They already know you are meant to be here. They are already asking lots of questions about you. They already want to hug and kiss on you. They are already calling you their baby sister. You have only been in this big world for 30 minutes and still, they already know that you belong to them, always.

Title: where there is love there is life.
Journaling: your first moments with your parents after you were born. 2/24/11

Title: Meeting Ella
Journaling: It is amazing the joy, love, and happiness a new baby brings to a family. Your birth was no exception. MiMi, Pops, Nana, Daddy, Hayden, Madelyn, Maw Maw Ethel, Aunt Kathy, nannie, and Paran were all at the hospital when you were born. All of our hearts grew a little bit bigger when we met you. You are a very loved little girl.

even though i've gotten a lot of layouts done lately i haven't felt super creative. you know that great feeling you get when you feel like you are oozing all over with inspiration. i brought some stuff to the store today to work on so i am hoping the oozing begins soon.

happy happy thursday!
hope it's blessed.





i have been dreaming about home decor.

i have been checking home decor blogs.

i have been reading home decor magazines.

i am surrounding myslef in home decor inspiration.

this is quite the tease for me because, we are renting right now. don't get me wrong, i love our apartment. i am in no rush to pick out a house. it's just hard when you rent because you can't paint. and, we dont wanna go buying tons of furniture to make the apartment look like we want when we know it is only short term and when we get a house i am gonna want all new stuff and we will have different needs.

so anyways, i am going to share some home decor inspiration that i have been storing in my folder on the puter. i have all these amazing images stored away ready to come to life when we get our home.

love all the white. love the mirror. love all of the different chairs. love how un-put together it all is.

obsessed with collage walls right now. here are just a couple. i am collecting b's and trying to find some number 2's. have to re-create one like this. have to.

gotta love the little clotheslines of inspiration. love.

oh god. swoon. seriously. i love vintage luggage. i have a bunch of pieces now. but i will never have enough. i want stacks in every room.

well there are just a few photos.

i don't think my heart can take much more.

i could go decorating crazee.

i so wish i could have my way with that apartment.

happy friday!


A few new things

Lately...all i want to do is scrapbook. guess i'm in need of some serious therapy lately that's all. hehe! Here is a frame that i created as a donation for our local university, Nicholls.

i really like the way it came out and did not want to give it away.

i have also been working lots on my new godchild ella's little book. i usually give the kiddos their scrapbook of their first year of life for their first birthday. i am trying to keep up with hers so that i am not starting on 6 months old the week before the party.

here are a couple of layouts for that book.

No the title is not egg. That's her initials. Ella Grace Guidry.

Title: And then there were five.

Hoping to get lots more scrapping done this week and weekend. I've been trying to popp into my scraproom during the few litte spare moments that I have been having.

Hope your day is beautiful.

I wanna say Happy birthday to my baby bro Copeland. He is such an amazing person with such a good heart. He is strong, loyal, determined, hardworking, sweet, and so many more things. I admire him and love him more than he will ever realize. I miss him tons too!

I'm so proud of the person he is!

Happy Birthday Cope! I love so freakin much. Hope it's a perfect day. You deserve it!