10 things I love Wednesday

So...it is Wednesday...you know what that means..two more days of school bliss and then the weekend...hehe...so ready for that weekend....i plan on doing some kind of creating this weekend...i must, if not i will shrivel up and die...lol...i also want to spend some time with my boo and go get LuLu for a sleepover.....oh so much to look forward to....anyways...here are the 10 things that I'm loving this Wenesday....by the way, Vera if you're reading this...when is sassafras coming in? i NEED some!

number 1!

These precious ballet flats. Oh these take me back to my dancer days!

number 2!

This pink armoir. Oh pink...i love you! I also love the whole set-up in this little areas. Gotta love those cameras on the top!

number 3!

This precious little camper. My family and I used to go camping all the time when I was younger. Our camper wasn't so vintage and cute though!

number 4!

Vintage Ledger paper. Three words: YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!

number 5!

This lovely white watch from Fossil. Now that I'm teaching, I realize I need a watch. So. I may purchase this one this weekend!

number 6!

These two outfits....especially the one with the cowboy boots!

number 7!

Ahhh this is a beauty.

number 8!

This adorable little vintage outfit from Etsy. I need something sooo similar!

number 9!

Lovin this layout with Jenni Bowlin goodness.

number 10!

Last but not least this fab little hat! I must buy it!

There you have it folks! I'm off to have dinner at a friend's house and hit the treadmill for a long, long run. There is just nothing like a long run after a crazee day! Hope it was a happy hump day!

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  1. Hey girl... Have you added my blog yet? Give me a call so we can met up. You must see Luke!