10 things I love Wednesday....on um Friday

Okay so I have officially started school...it is extremely hectic. I am feeling very welcome and people have been so helpful and nice. However, I am so new at this and there are like 72 bazillion things that I need to do but I am so tired from the long drives, the 5 o'clock mornings and 12 o'clock bedtimes, and the daily stresses of being a new teacher that I can not even fathom working on all the things that need to be done.

Anyways...I was so busy this week I didn't get a chance to do 10 things I love Wednesday...

Here it is...

#1 This picture

Oh God do i need to see this face right now....It makes me oh so happy.


Moments like this one that make me stop and take inventory of my life. Moments that make me take a deep breath, smile, and smell the roses


This lovely little outfit

Slouchy with a touch of safistication....love it


This piece

Might be another apartment purchase


Complete Yumminess!


Oh goodness more yumminess


This wall decor that the wonderful Elsie has done...I have to steal this


Okay this is the best little set-up...i will be committing theft of so many of these decor ideas


This pretty little photo from Vogue-1950

The release from Worship (especially at church on Sunday)
Well, there's the 10 things this week. Hope they served as a lil dose of eye candy and inspiration....I'm off to bed...I was supposed to be doing school work but I just played on here all night. ....I will post pics of my classroom tomorrow...Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. Hey girl! I have been thinking about you this week! What are you doing this weekend....please don't tell me lesson plans arleady!! Love you, Vera

  2. Oh...by the way I love those buttons in that jar...oh my god...awesome!