Some Wedding Goodness

As most of you know, I got married on December 4th of last year. Umm I hope you are clapping because that deserves a round of applause. HUGE accomplishment. Lol. Anyways. Lots of folks have been asking to see some wedding pics. I will share a few of my favorites periodically on the blog. Today, I will show you some from the preparation process.

Getting my hair did.

Tiff showing my mom where the hairpiece and veil go before she headed out.

Mom needed some comfort. The veil was too much for her to handle. Love that bout her.

Time for some grub.

They all wore whatever shoes they wanted. Like them, they were all very different.

Taking time to look at old photos and reminisce.

Checking out the ceremony area. It was all becoming a little real to me and my heart was beginning to get very full, my belly very nervous, and my head very cloudy.

The best part about the prep of the wedding was that the day was very relaxed. We had lots of time to talk, laugh, and soak it all up. I can't help but almost wanna cry now thinking about how I was thinking, "Man, I hope I don't lose this once I'm married." Those girls are very very important to me and almost all have been since the age of 5. I wouldn't have shared the day with anyone else.

This photo has a little place in my heart. Two years ago, when I got that tatoo, it was symbolic of a very trying and hard time in my life. It was a declaration that things had to CHANGE. Now, I sit, two years later with it on my foot on the day that I will marry my best friend. It makes me realize how quickly God changed the mess into a masterpiece.

A lot on the brain. Can't you tell?

Kasi and Jess behind me like they had been the whole year. They definately had my back.

More Laughs :)

Surrounded by three of the people that held me together that year.

There she is. Adding the finishing touches, picking up the pieces, pulling me together. That's where she has been my entire life. Loving me and supporting me so fully. No matter what. No matter who I had become. Even if she didn't like it. She has loved me and made me and taught me oh so much. There is no way to explain my love for her.

There she is. Kasi. My cousin but so much more like my sister. She provided me with something borrowed. Which is funny. I feel like she was my something borrowed all year. I feel like I borrowed her from her family all year. She was sooooooo there for me. She just listened. No judgment. No criticism. She watched me grow. She helped ease the growing pains. She told me she went through lots of the same. She's amazing. She has become so necessary in my life. We have become so close. Love her so much!

Everything was getting much more real for me at this point. They were still laughing and chatting. My heart was beginning to race.

Okay so there are a few from the prep process.

All photos are by Mr. Clint Shuttlesworth out of Houston, Texas. You can check him out at www.clintdoesablog.com or www.clinttakesphotos.com. He's amazing.

Sorry I was so mushy gushy today but, hey, it was a wedding that's how they are.

Hope your weekend is totally blessed. I know mine will be. I have great plans.

Happy Friday.




So, I have been fighting a little health issue these past couple of days. I am so uncomfortable that all I have been doing is sitting around and watching tv and browsing the internet.

I'm not exactly floating in the dough right now, so, it is big trouble for me to be on the net looking at spring fashion. I am definately a fan of winter but spring clothing is fun too. I found so many things that I want to put on a little wishlist and hope that someone decides to fulfill it. Hey! A girl can dream right. Here's what is making me drool for spring.


Jessica Simpson:

I found tons of stuff from Urban that I wanted to post but the pics were too small.

All i know is that my huge butt better get in the gym to even be able to look half decent in spring attire. :) Hoping to get a good run in this afternoon.

In other news: I got a new car yesterday. Yes, I have to post about that because if you would see the beast that I have been driving the past 7years, you would understand how absolutely exciting, astonishing, and amazing a new car is to me. Shane took me to the dealership yesterday and I was able to get a brand new white sentra.

I had a sentra for my first car that I absolutely loved. However, while I was on a beach vacay with my podnas the summer after my senior year, I got home, and my dad told me he sold my sentra because he got an amazing deal on a ford taurus. Let's just say the car barely ran then and nothing much changed for the 7 years that I drove it. Let me say that I am very thankful for my parents getting me a car and that I was blessed enough to have a car at a young age. However, the Taurus was a special piece. There were times when it would buck, make noises unheard of to the human ear, and even catch on fire, yes people, fire..more than once. So, a couple of weeks ago it decided to take its last breath and Shane and I knew that we just had to get something new.

I am so excited driving the sentra. Having air conditioner in your car is such a luxury. It is so nice not to be sweating like a pig while cruising to work. If air conditioner is a luxury, you can only imagine my reaction when they showed me the ipod hookup. HECK YEAH! So, thanks to the boo so very much for the amazing new car. I love love love it.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I am hoping to be feeling up to doing a lil scrapping tonite. The good Lord is healing this little medical issue so I really wanna get in my scraproom after the gym.

Happy Tuesday to you all!



Hey guys. I have definately not been a loyal blogger lately. So sorry. I have been busy with Scrapfest. We took the store. And, busy just trying to get the store unpacked and back to normal.

I have also been in quite a weird funk lately. I don't mean a sad, depressed funk. Not like that. So, don't worry. I just mean a tired, lazy, no energy kind of funk. I feel like I absolutely can not get enough sleep. When I am awake, I am dying to get home to take a nap. It's really weird. I am usually not like this at all. I usually stay awake till the wee morning hours and then run on very little sleep.

Don't know what the deal is. I haven't seen the gym in almost two weeks. Haven't been eating much. When I do, I'm not eating well that's for sure. Lots of cereal. I don't even want Pepsi lately. For anyone who knows me at all, I AM OBSESSED with Pepsi. I have to have at least one a day. I haven't been wanting or drinking much Pepsi at all.

Like I said, this is very weird. I really want to snap out of it because I haven't been very productive. I needa get my butt back into a workout regamin. I also need to start getting more done around the house. I needa cook too. I just needa WAKE UP. I don't get it. I am usually not like this at all.

Oh, and just because I know this will be ur first thought, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Just throwing that out there.

I dunno I am just not enjoying being so tired at all. I want to feel like my normal self again. WAKE UP ASH!

Well, I know this post was not very interesting but I just wanted to share. Talk to you guys soon.

Hope your day is blessed!


New Creations!

Here are a couple of new creations using some new product from the store.

Welcome Ella Grace:


Luckily I have had some scrapping time. I hope to have more tonite!

See ya soon!