Today... I bought a wedding band.

It was a strange feeling.

The weirdest things have been impacting me about getting married.

I am nervous, scared, thrilled, elated, and overwhelmed.

Today...I bought a wedding band for my soulmate and I can't wait to put it on that very special finger!


Something About it!

There is just something about it...something about Maw Maw's spaghetti. I have loved it since I was very young. My brothers have definately shared the same love for the spaghetti. Hayden and LuLu both love her spaghetti as much as we all do. So, everytime we go to Maw Maw's she doesn't even have to ask what we want to eat. She already knows that all we want to eat is SPAGHETTI!

It is so funny because Maw Maw has given her recipe to all of our parents and they have all tried to cook it but it just doesn't taste the same as Maw Maw's!

Well, that was a fun little post. Just a little tidbit about my life that I wanted to share.

Much love! ash


The store's blog

Hey guys! Here is the address to the store's blog! You can find all of the info that you need on the blog! I will post everything as soon as it is planned and set in stone! Check it out and become a follower!




Engagement Pics

Here is a peek at some of our engagement pics. It was soooo hot when we shot and I was so nervous about how they would look. Now, of course, I'm a little critical of myself but I am satisfied with the photos. Clint is a beautiful artist and his work is so me! There are hundreds more but these are some that he posted to his blog. We have a whole nother outfit and setting. Here's just a few.

Man i am obsessed with the way he uses the light. I love the sun blasting through. He is the bomb diggity. Talk to you guys soon!



My Dream is Coming True

Okay so I have an EXCITING announcement. Some of you may already know that I am going to be opening a scrapbook store here in Thibodaux. This has been a dream of mine for years and years. The opportunity has been presenting itself since my early twenties and, now, I am finally taking the plunge. I am not buying Vera's store and I did not steal the idea from her. This is something that has been coming up in my life even before Vera opened Scrapalicious. After helping Vera through the journey of the store, I really feel like I was made to do this. You all know that I DESPISED teaching this past year and I was praying for what God wanted me to do. Well, he has been telling me all along but I was too scared to take the plunge. When Vera decided to close Scrapalicious, I knew that it was my time to follow my dream. All of the paperwork is complete, the building is found, and I have already begun placing my orders. The name of the store will be......(I'm imagining a drumroll....)

Yes, it will be called Inspire A Scrapbook Boutique. It will be located down Laura Drive in Thibodaux. It is in a little shopping center across from Anytime Fitness...next to the new Capital One Drive Thru bank. I will be opening somewhere around the first of September. I am planning what I hope to be a fabulous grand opening event. I am trying to line up a great teacher. I will definatley keep you posted. If you were a customer of Scrapalicious, you will be receiving information by e-mail/mail. I am working on getting a blog for the store and will also keep you updated with that! Here is the e-mail address for the store, inspirescrapboutique@gmail.com. If you are not sure if your info is stored at Scrapalicious, e-mail me here and I will send you updates. I hope that you are all excited and I hope that you are all ready to shop and scrap!

I am thrilled, scared, nervous, at peace, confused, overwhelmed, and lovin all of it!!!! I hope I can bring some inspiration to you all through the new store! Thanks for the support! If you are not supportive......who gives a hoot :)

Much love, Ash**

bachelorette party in VEGAS= lots of inappropriate fun

Well, I am just getting home from VEGAS! Me, my mom, and six of my bridesmaids and closest friends went to Vegas for my bachelorette party. The least that I can say is that I had the ABSOLUTE TIME OF MY LIFE. There was not even one once of this girl that wanted to return home. It was perfect and just about as amazing as i could have imagined. There was lots of inappropriate fun had by all. We had a kind of no camera policy the whole trip but here are a couple of shots!

Ugh messing around with the pics makes me want to cry! I want to go back soooooooo BAD. i pretty much just pretended that I was in high school with absolutely NO responsibilities the entire time that I was there! It was lovely! Thanks to all my podnas for everything that they did to make the trip awesome. Thanks for all of the gifts and surprises too! I love ya'll more than words!

Well blog world! I shall return shortly with an important post!!!!