Not so much...

Okay so I finished my project. The idea was to do a layout on an old record. I do not like the layout so much but i will definately try this idea again. I also plan to do a layout on the record cover too. So, here it is...now keep in mind that it is not too hot but I am so rusty right now...you all know how that is.

So anyways.. I just wanted to give you an update on LuLu. She is going to be 9 months old in a few days and she is getting so big. She is now pulling herself up on EVERYTHING. She steals my heart and I miss her so much now that I don't get to see her often. Here are a couple of pics. I'm off to shower then bed..going for a 5am run tomorrow (or at least i hope so). Have a good Wednesday.



  1. Cute... What is the name of the old record?

  2. I would love to make this... Can you put a kit together for me? LOL