Oh Monday!

Well, it's Monday. I am in the midst of mountains of paperwork for school. I just finished cleaning my closet. My apartment has taken a backseat throughout these crazy last few weeks, and it is driving me nuts. I need everything to be clean. So...I just wanted to take a small break and post some fashion inspiration. I was in need for a lil fashion on this Monday evening. Enjoy!!!!

Ahhhh...fashion makes my heart go pitter patter. Other than scrapbooking...I'm obsessed with fashion. And, Fall is my absolute favorite season. The clothes are always best in fall. I am in the process of starting to work out and eat right again and I just can't wait to loose a few and go blow some paychecks on lots of fashion goodness!
Well, I'm off there's lots to do for school tomorrow!
Praise Him for all that he has done and is yet to do!
Bye guys! Have a good week!

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  1. You know you could always be a fashion designer!