A lovely trip

Well to describe our little trip: it was...a lovely trip. It was way too short and very much needed. Shane and I met with and booked the amazing photographer. He is so artistic and different and I can't wait to work with him. We met at his loft and it is my dream to work or live where his loft is. He also took us to this super cool coffee shop where they did latte art. It was precious. Shane and I ate at my favorite...Cheesecake Factory and then shopped at the Galleria. I did minimal shopping because we were so hungry and tired from the busy day. We then stayed at a fabulous hotel and got an awesome night sleep. (I love love love staying at hotels) We are now plotting a move to Houston and Shane has vowed to apply for any job he can in the area. The trip was great and such a nice break from Thibodaux and our normal, daily lives. We wanna escape there for little weekends away more often. Anyways here are some iphone pics from the trip.

Our usual pics in the car!

So, we go down a street to turn around and we stumble upon this field of statues. They are these humongous, amazing statues of the presidents and the Beatles. It was so cool. We later find out that you can see the field from Clint's loft. So cool!

Here are a handful of the polaroids we took. We took oodles of them and I am so obsessed with these!

Here's my latte art. The man called it louisiana love :)

Me and the boo at the galleria!

One more thing to share. I know that my blog family does not really wanna hear about this but I am super pumped and I must share. I have been doing weight watchers and working out for about two months and I knew that I was losing some weight but I haven't been paying too much attention to it. Well, I have not shopped for clothes and been successful in a long time. I have been out of the gym for like a year and it was definately taking its toll. I was super pleasantly surprised when we shopped yesterday and everything that I tried on fit!!!!! Yay! The hard work is paying off. So, this is super good for me peeps but not so good for my checking account. I now plan to go on a hardcore shopping spree friday for some spring attire. I'm so pumped to be able to focus on a fashion again. It is definately one of my passions.

Being in Houston was refreshing. The more that I am around people that live an artistic, inspired life, the more it makes me yearn for that. I will be able to do the same!!! Well, I'm headed to the gym...I've bored you all enough! The studio is calling my name tonite and I will post pics later of my creations. Hope you ahve a good Wednesday! I am!



Headed to Houston!

Well folks my boo and I are headed to Houston. We are going to Lake Charles tonite and we are staying with the lovely Justin and Kim. Tomorrow, we will drive to Houston to meet with Clint Shuttlesworth, the photographer. I am soooo excited to chat with him and tell him my visions and hear his too! We are going to stay in Houston Tuesday nite and go shopping and just spend some quality time together. We really need it right now.

Life around here has been crazee. I'm so busy and I just am really looking forward to spending some quality quiet time with Shane. The wedding planning has been kinda stalled. We booked Madewood and we booked the photographer. We also have the band and the cake. I am going shopping for my dress in March and I am definately getting the itch to try dresses on. I have been working out and eating super healthy. I'm doing really good. I've lost some pounds and toned up a lot. I feel ready to try dresses on! So, now it's just gonna be getting the details together. I am going to go research florists and try to get the flowers together next. But, for now, my priority is to spend some time with Shane and keep my sanity.

I hope that everyone had a good Valentine's day! Shane took me to Friedmans and brought roses. He is treating me to a small shopping spree in HOuston. I have some boots for spring in mind. Anyways, have you been creating? I have not! I plan on doing some home decor stuff this week while I'm off. I will post anything that I create! Well, I'm off to pack! Happy Monday!

I'm praising. Through it all, I am praising the BIG MAN!


Love is...

Love is falling in the beginning because it feels good....staying in the end because nothing else feels right...

Love is consuming yourself with another person because you can't breathe, can't function otherwise. It is passionate and dangerous and absolutely exhilarating.

Love is a feeling...love is more than a feeling...love is a commitment...love is an impulse...love was the beginning....love will be the end.

Love is being hooked at first because of the stuff on the outside...love is sticking around because of the stuff on the inside.

Love is having babies.....Love is making memories....love is building a home....love is getting wrinkled together....love is a life lived as one.

Love is overwhelming to the point of losing your breath....Love is consuming to the point of losing yourself.

Love is being there when everything is falling apart....no matter the time, no matter the place, no questions asked, no price to be paid.

^ This is love...this is the most confusing, simple thing that I have ever experienced. This is all i need and nothing that I thought i ever wanted. This is the most selfless, consuming, necessary thing in my life right now. This is what God has ordained and what I will work the rest of my life to keep. This is the reason I am making it through right now.

Thank you for dealing with me, especially right now. Thank you for lifting me up and knowing that the real me is under all of this mess. Thank you for today, yesterday, and all the days that are yet to come. Thank you and I would be so lost without you.

I love you!