10 things I love Wenesday


This couch from Urban Outfitters...plans are to purchase this for the new apartment


This book....finished it in one day...love learning about the lives of celebrities


These goodies from Etsy


This bedroom....love the trees


This double page layout...this girl is on SISTV and she does the BEST double page layouts


This photo and the fashion in it.....it is from 1952...the 50's are the best


This Barbie bedding from Pottery Barn kids....okay so why does this awesome beyond awesome bedding come out when I am 23 years old ....i am about to order it for my future daughter...it is beyond the bomb diggity


This vintage camera that I found at a flea market for 5 dollars...yes 5 dollars...i was looking at some of these on etsy for like 100 dollars and more and I found this one for $5...pump the party


These boys....they inspire me


Ahhh Sugarland...I can't get enough....My plan is to become Jennifer's BFF someday...can you say groupie

There you have it....I'm off to create some things for Scrapalicious...hope you are stopping by the store this weekend because some great things are planned. I will be back later...
much love...Happy hump day!



Okay so I just got a good little idea that will help me out a lot. I am trying to come up with ideas for my studio in the new apartment. I am challenging everyone who reads my blog (it may be only four of you but who cares) to post some pics of some fab studios. It can be scrapbooking ones or just craft ones that you find inspiring. I need some ideas and quickly. Post your pictures to the comments section or a link to the pictures. I will look over all of them and the person who posts the pic or pics that I love the most will get a great little goodie bag mailed to them with some awesome vintage items from my last etsy splurge. I will close the contest on Saturday at 11pm. So ladies get to hunting down those studios for some vintage goodness. I appreciate the help..

Happy hunting.


10 Things I love Wednesday

So...if any of you follow elsie flannigan's blog she does something called 10 things i love sunday. She posts ten random things that she loves...inspiration...photos of people...projects...just pretty much anything that she stumbles across or that is on her mind. I must tell you I love Elsie and I am completely bummed that she no longer designs for the scrapbook world. I love her 10 things I love sunday and I decided to borrow the idea. I am going to do 10 things I love Wednesday. Here is the first official one...

Number 1!

I finished this wonderful little book. It was fabulous..however, bittersweet. But, isn't life bittersweet.

Number 2!

Having lots of this coffee tonite with shane. It is the best. I so wish we had a CC's.

Number 3!

3 years...with this wonderful kid....hooray anniversarys

Number 4!

OOOOh vintage sewing pattern how i love thee

Number 5!

LuLu's newly pierced ears....they are precious

Number 6!

This studio

Number 7!

The new Sassafras goodness....oh god my heart is palpitating just thinking about it.

Number 8!

Time with God

Number 9!

The burst of inspiration I always get when I come to Lafayette and spend some time with Shane

Number 10!

This photo

Ahhh the beach with bestest friends..
Okay ladies and gents...um probably just ladies...that was the first 10 things I love Wednesday. I tell you it is quite inspirational to do this. You get lots of ideas looking for things to post. Everyone should adopt a day and do 20 things I love...I would so enjoy looking at that.
Anyways....in other news...shane and I made three years today and the day was perfect to say the least. When I woke up this morning there was a beautiful letter on the fridge from Shane (who else) He spoke about how much he loves me and then told me to be at the spa for a 12:30 appt. I got an amazing massage and a lovely pedicure. It was fabulous...Then, shane and I were supposed to have a dramatic dinner all dressed up...we decided to go have a casual dinner in ripped jeans, t-shirts, and hats and then have coffee and some internet time instead....you know that fits us much better...it was oh so lovely
Well, I hope that you had a great hump day...i'm pouring over with loads of inspiration and need to get home so that I can create!


Lessons Learned

So...this weekend, I learned that yellow paint sometimes comes out much brighter than it looks on the swatch. My principal gave me permission to paint my classroom a pale yellow. So.. I moseyed myself on over to Lowe's and purchased what I thought was a beautiful shade of pale yellow paint. Well, I was WRONG...completely wrong. The classroom looks like an electric glow in the dark banana. We ended up painting the entire classroom because I was undecided about what to do. After the classroom was finished, I realized that the color had to go. Tomorrow, I am off to re-paint in what I hope will be a pale yellow. Anyways...here is what the classroom looked like before any paint went on the walls.....Absolutely gros

Here is what the classroom looks like as a glow in the dark banana...

Even though I have to re-paint it was a fun time with family, friends, and my boo.

I had a little creating time this weekend. I did a whole one layout. I hope to have more time to create this week. I will post the layout later. I am off to hopefully finish my book. I get so excited when finishing a book because that means I get to buy another one and dive into someone else's life. Well I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Have a good Monday!

Do lots of praising this week. I sure will!

Here is a picture that melts my heart...just had to share.

Love love this. These are two of my fave people and just to see them together is the best.


Oh Rainy Day

I love rainy days. I really do. I don't love it when it is out of control lightining and thunder but i love the light rain that is pittering on my tin roof right now. So, I just had to share this with you. If any of you are readers you must go out and purchase The Time Traveler's Wife. I bought it a few weeks ago and I am about 3/4 of the way through it. The movie is coming out August 14th I think. When I saw the previews for it I went out and purchased the book. I just love it. I don't know what it is about it but I just love the story line and I love the way that it is written. I don't feel like I've gotten to the meat of it yet. I think I'm on the verge of something happening. I can't wait to see how it ends.

Well, I may be getting out tonite and going scrapbook at the store. But, for now, I am going to read this great book and soak up this rain. Shane is on his way in and, as always, I can't wait to see him. After he hits the sack, (which is usually early because he is a grandpa) I am probably going to go do some creating. Well, enjoy the rain as much as you can.

Have a good Friday afternoon! Let the big man know that you love him!



New creations

Hey guys. This weekend was fun and I had some oh so fabulous creating time. I was able to create three layouts and a mini album. Here are the pics. Sorry there are so many but you know I had to put the entire album.

So...I didn't finish the back cover but I will soon enough....I also finished this frame a few weeks ago. It is going to be put in the studio of my new apartment..Please excuse the pictures but it doesn't look too hot in photos!

Okay so the next thing that I wanted to share with you is a new possible lil project. My oober creative friend Michelle and I fell in love with these homeade flower embellishments that we have seen used in layouts by other scrapbookers. We both decided to try our hand at making some of them. Well, after making a few of them, I talked to Vera and we are thinking about putting them in the store. Let me know if you would buy them. Let me know your honest opinion about them and if you think that putting them for sale in the store would be a good idea. I could always use the extra pocket change and I just think that it would be a great thing to be able to share with people. Each one is hand made by me and they are all imperfectly perfect. For example, the edges are frayed and none of them are exactly alike. Here is a photo of just a few of the ones that I have made. I also made the ones on the "Giggle" layout posted above. Please comment and let me know your honest opinions. Thanks!

Okay so I'm off to do some reading. I'm going to bed after because I'm taking the kids to do some shopping tomorrow. Hope you guys have a good Thursday. You know what Thursday means, only one more day and then I get to see Shane!
Give the Man some praise!



Well guys...I broke down and got my own blog. I am so excited about it and I can't wait to post complete randomness and lots and lots of projects. I just got back from Girls Gone Crafty, and I am so glad to have had some more creating time. I got a few things done and I will share them soon. I am currently running on three hours of sleep from scrapping all night and into the morning. I love it! Well, I just wanted to create my first post. I hope you guys come back and check in!

Have a Happy Sunday! Ash*