10 things i love Wednesday...two days late

Number 1!

This hat that Elsie is wearing. It must be purchased.

Number 2!

These precious journaling cards from Elle's studio. I can't wait for Christmas music and lots of christmas projects!

Number 3!

This girl's photography...Lacey Champagne....and this fab pic of this lil rockstar!

Number 4!

This art journal/mini album...i need to do a mini album soon...maybe that will bring back some kind of creative spark.

Number 5!

These lovely fall outfits from Orla Kiely...oh god fall come soon!

Number 6!

Yummy Yummy!

Number 7!

This bag...another first check purchase...(my first check is going quickly..lol)

Number 8!

This is little girl's vintage clothing at its cutest....Madelyn would rock the hell outta this

Number 9!

These layouts....they are so lovely!
Number 10!

Fall...i love everything about it....it needs to come now...i need the inspiration that the season brings!
THANK GOD it's Friday. Happy Weekend!

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  1. Hey I seen the layout with the SF and thought of you when I read CK website!