One more thing!

Hello People! Today was definately a great day. With everything going on right now I have literally been doing NOTHING for the wedding. Last week, while working in the new store, two of my friends/bridesmaids questioned me about all that was left to do for the wedding. We started to write a list and let me tell you, i was near a nervous breakdown when we were done. I have literally done nothing. i mean NOTHING. They immediately laid down the law to me. They were like, Ash, you have to, we mean HAVE TO, do wedding stuff. You are getting married in 3 months (Can you even believe?). So, last week I really decided that any extra minute i had in between the store and when my eyes shut for the night/morning, I had to get some stuff done. Since last week I must say, I have done really well and I got tons accomplished. And, today, drumroll please.....i found a florist. Yea I know you might not think that's too great because I waited so late to do it, but, the flowers are one of the most important parts to me and I have been picky about florists. No one has really fit up until now and I found someone that I really like. She has amazing ideas and she is totally on the same page as me. I am so excited. My bridesmaids will be so proud. And, speaking of bridesmaids...mine are AH-MAZING let me repeat that, AH-MAZING. My mom and my bridesmaids have been so involved and soooooo soooo helpful and supportive. They even had a little secret (not so secret since i know about it) meeting last night to plan my bridal shower. They don't want me to have to worry about it at all. I mean seriously they are so great. They have really made me see why I have surrounded myself with only the people that I can trust and that I know love me for me. God I am so thankful for them, you just don't know. Anyways, I am definately rambling so I am getting off and actually going to bed. Shane told me it was forbidden that I stay at the store late. He told me to get home and get a good night's sleep. That is what I will do. I have a long day tomorrow and a huge order coming in. Mrs. Jenni Bowlin's products will be here tomorrow! EEk! I'm so thrilled. Okay guys, night! I will leave you with a pretty little pic to celebrate the new florist. Yay!

Talk to you soon, hopefully!