A little updating

So, the last few days have been filled with time with family and friends and I just couldn't be happier. Everyone is completely ready to plan the wedding and I am just enjoying being engaged. My friends are thrilled to death and they have all already given me tons of wedding magazines and want to know when we are trying on dresses. I told them when I loose 20 pounds. Lol. Anyways, I just wanted to share some pics from the Christmas festivities around here. Here are a few from the White Trash Christmas Bash.

It was a complete blast. We love themed parties. Here are some photos from Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. The first picture is Kasi's reaction to the engagement anouncement. She jumped out of her chair and knocked LuLu down in the process. My family freaked. There were lots of hugs and tears. It was a great feeling.

Sorry there were so many photos I just wanted to share. Oh, by the way, Shane's mom bought me the Fujifilm instax camera for Christmas....the one that I posted about a while back and it is just oh so much fun. I will post the precious pictures that we have been taking with it as soon as i can. I hope that you are all having a memorable week. I think that tomorrow will include lattes, creating, and time with family and fireworks. I just can't wait. Peace out Peeps!


Pure Magic

Shane asked me to be his permanent boo on Christmas Eve. It was pure magic....and of course I said yes! Had to post! More to come later!


Creative Time

So, after a little trip to Scrapalicious and lots of money spent on the new Studio Calico and October Afternoon, I was feeling quite inspired. I actually was able to have some Creative Time! It has been a long time since I was free to create anything I wanted. Here's a peek at the two things that I did tonite!

It was so nice to see my studio a mess from the creating frenzy!

After creating I did a little bit of wrapping and now, I am off to do some reading. Ahh i just love nights like this. I can't wait until tomorrow. My friends and I have our White Trash Christmas Bash and I have the best outfit to wear. It is sure to be a blast. Oh yeah, check out the old scale I purchased from the Flea Market. I just love finds like this....well, good nite all! Keep the praises going up to heaven!




So, earlier in the week, Shane told me to dress cute on Thursday night, that he was taking me into the city for a surprise, and that we would be home late. I was excited to say the least. Shane and I have not been having many date nights lately. We used to make it a priority to go on a special date, dress up, and just have a special nite together at least once a month. However, our crazy lives have not allowed us to do this in a while. So, he ended up surprising me with tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the New Orleans arena. It was absolutely AMAZING to say the least. It was not at all what I thought it would be. It kicked major butt. It was a lovely surprise adn I am so thankful for Shane and such a wonderful night

So, we had to walk in the pouring rain to get in and out of the arena and although, it was so romantic walking under the umbrella together, I got so sick. I have been in bed for the last two and a half days and yesterday, I was definately near death. LOL. Hopefully, I can shake this by tomorrow because I have to go to New Orleans to finish my Christmas shopping. Well, I hope that you are all getting excited aobut Christmas. I also hope that everyone is having a great holiday season. Here are a few images to inspire you and give you a little boost of Christmas magic....Much love!! Ash*


You know...

You know you love Christmas when...you do not have a bit of furniture in your living room, you do not have one picture on the walls, you do not have any curtains on the windows, but...you have a Christmas tree up

Happy Monday! One day down and only four to go...i am so anxious for the holidays. Merry Merry Christmas!




Today... I am thankful for my parents. They are so wonderful and so good to me. I have definately been in a funk lately. I just haven't been myself. There is nothing in particular to blame..i think that it is just my job but my parents are very bothered by it. Well, my tree still had not been put up by the beginning of this week and that is so out of my character. It is usually put up by november 1st. My parents could not take it anymore. They were determined for me to get my tree up. They came over Wednesday night and helped me to put it up. We hung out and had so much fun. The tree came out lovely and it is amazing as to what a decorated tree does for your spirit. My parents are just always there when I'm in a slump. They know how to cheer me up and sometimes i just desperately need some time with them. I am thankful that they are there for me. I am thankful that they will help me out even when i won't admit i need some help. I just really really love them.
I hope to decorate the rest of the apartment tomorrow after church. Right now, LuLu is sound asleep in her play pen and I can hear her snoring. Shane just left and just to mention he is pretty amazing. I love how much he helps with LuLu and how much you can tell he adores her. It is precious. Well, here is a pic of the tree. I hope you have a great Sunday. I am looking forward to church. Nite Nite!



This Weekend

This Weekend was simply lovely: Creating with Vera, Santaland, ornament party, shopping, movie, more shopping, and Miracle on Fulton Street. Oh, how I wish it could last so much longer. Here are some photos from the weekend.

And here's a lil self portrait:

I just love my new hat. Anyways I am headed to the gym...i sure hope all of this running pays off soon. Who invented gaining weight anyway. HOpe you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am dreading tomorrow. Oh, well. I'm still praising Him!



a Little updating

So, lately life has been just too friken busy...seriously i am absolutely sick of this crazee busy life. I feel like i need to be at least 3-4 people to be able to play all the different roles in my life. I am usually very excited about Christmas and it has always been a super big deal, however, I still have yet to put up my tree or any decorations whatsoever, that is quite depressing. When I get home from school, though, there is no desire to do any decorating at all. My job drains the life out of me. I did manage to start a December daily album. I am starting mine the last week of November because that is when my Christmas festivities began. I am nowhere near caught up or done with the few days that I have started but I will get to them as soon as I can. Here are some pics. (Sorry the pics kinda suck)

So, there's what I have so far. It is definately a fun little project, if only there was more time to work on it. I am so ready for tomorrow. You know that I live for the weekends. Vera and I are planning to get together tomorrow nite to make ornaments. I am going to Santa Land with the kids on Saturday, an ornament party at the store, and then maybe some scrapbooking. Sunday I will most likely veg out and sleep all day to prepare for Monday. Really people, does everyone feel this way about their job? Anybody have advice to make yourself love your job when you don't. HELP! Well I hope you have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! Here's how I will be feeling tomorrow!

Praise Him lots! That's the only way I'm makin it through!



The events of the last two days

Well, I have been super busy these last couple of days. They have been great but i am definately feeling the fatigue. On Friday, which, may i mention is my favoritest day of the year (other than Christmas), Ms. Biondini and I went shopping. Yes, we braved the madness of the crowds and crankiness and hit the stores bright and early. Actually, the day couldn't have gone any better. We had a complete blast. We left my apartment at 10:30pm and were at Toys R Us for 11:15pm. We waited in the freezing cold line and then hit up the awesome bargains. We ended up shopping until 1:00 in the afternoon and headed home. We both saved a ton of money. Here are some pics from our trip.

After we got home, I took a small two hour power nap. Then, it was off to work on Madelyn's book and canvas. I finally finished them at 3:30am this morning. Everyone at the party loved them and I am glad to be done. Madelyn's party was precious. She was in a fabulous mood. She attempted blowing out her candle, opened presents, ate lots of cake, and played with her new toys. She wore the most fabulous hot pink party dress and then, like a true diva, changed into her second outfit, a cupcake onesie and tutu. She had a complete meltdown when I left and i must say it definately makes me feel good knowing that she loves her Nannie. Here are some photos from the party.

So, now I am about to head over to Vera's to do some much needed creating. I feel so free creatively. You guys have to realize I have been working on Madelyn's book for one whole year. I am so ready to do something that allows me to completely jump out of my box. I can't wait to use tons of vintage stuff and lots of christmas projects. Oh, and by the way, some of you have been asking me why the blog does not allow you to comment, I have absolutely no clue what the deal is. I tried to check my settings to see if it was anything that I could fix and I didn't see anything. Can someone let me know what they think the problem is. Thanks!

HOpe you guys have a great Sunday!