Okay so on top of the many disappointments in my life these last couple of weeks...i had one more. I've been wanting to post about this but I have been forgetting. Me and some friends went to see The Time Traveler's Wife the night that it came out. This was last Thursday at midnite. This was also the day that I lost my job and packed up my entire classroom. I was so thrilled to have one happy thing that day to look forward to. The friends and I had planned this trip the minute we found out that the book was going to be a movie. Now remember, I ranted and raved about this book a couple of times on the blog. The book is so moving and wonderful. However, imagine my disappointment when the movie was absolutely HORRIBLE. It was terrible. My friends have not read the book, they were all completely lost the whole time. I, however, knew what was going on but had no desire to even watch because it was done so badly. I am so sad that this movie was not more. I was looking forward to buying it on dvd and watching it on rainy Sundays. Oh well...maybe I will have better luck with another movie that is coming out, The Lovely Bones. This too was a book. One of my top three faves of all time. It is about a girl who is murdered and dies and she watches her family deal with her death and finding her murderer from wherever she is. The book is lovely so I hope the movie will be too. Can't wait to find out. Well, I am off to scrapbook. I have some starbucks in hand and my eyes are all but shut. But....i am going to force myself to at least do one layout. Hope you had a happy Friday! Have a good weekend. (Don't go see The Time Traveler's Wife)



  1. Hey --- I have the book Lovely Bones and glad to know it will soon be a movie! Did you hear Starbuck is lowering their prices! I am not sure if they are lowering them everywhere are not! When are you going to scrapbook the picture of me! I need to give it to you! Then I will frame it in my house! How are you an Shane? The baby girl is growing up so fast!!!

    Miss you,

  2. aww! i know everyone is saying it's not that great! i just finished reading the book last night, loved it, but wasn't crazy about the way it ended.

  3. ash, I, too read the book but I loved the movie, too.
    there are mixed reviews of the movie but I was pleasantly surprised that I liked the movie.
    Usually if you read the book you are disappointed in the movie but I wasn't.
    I read lovely bones and am also waiting for the movie!!!