Not too hot

So i am just waking up and it's almost 2pm. I got bumped to Lockport Lower Elementary. I am taking the position of a Kindergarten teacher who is on a sabbatical. I was at the new classroom until almost 4am this morning. I must say that the principal is great, the school is great, and the teachers are great. However, the classroom is not. And you know me, I don't function well when things are not organized, clean, and cute. I tried my hardest to put up little touches of me and organize things but it still does no good. I am sick of spending my extra time at school and I am sick of the fact that I go to college to be able to have a job that I want and to be able to have some type of job security and I have none of that. At the end of this year, I will be bounced around again. I am DEFINATELY not doing too hot. I feel that I have been positive throughout this whole thing...I'm trying to not say poor me and wallow in it but I am at some sort of a breaking point. I have absolutely had enough of all this crap and I don't even know why I went into this profession in the first place. A situation like this definately makes you wanna leave the state and say peace out I'm going find a different job. On top of all this some other things are going down that I just am in no mood to deal with. I guess my funk last week was foreshadowing for what was about to explode in my life. Ever since I was called into the principal's office and told that I lost my job, I have repeated three thousand bazillion times, "I trust you God...I trust you God..." and I do I trust him. I am holding on for dear life and praying that something will come out of this. Sorry this post is so gloomy but tons of people have been wanting to know what was up so I figured I would tell you. Hopefully my peppiness will be back soon. Right now, I just feel like I am allowed to stay in these PJs all day...cry a little....and veg out. But.................................................I have to go back to that darn classroom and do three mountains of paperwork. GOD HELP ME! Hope you guys have a great weekend. By the way, I owe you a "10 things I love Wednesday" Thanks for all the prayers, support, and encouragement. Don't stop praying.

Love you guys!
P.S. I'm still praising Him because He is so good!


  1. well, at least the drive is shorter...
    I know it must be tough to be all excited about a position and in one day it all blows up.
    Try to take it one day at a time.
    I have no doubt you were made to be a teacher!
    Your class will come in and there must be a child there that your
    BIG MAN needs you to take part in their life for at least a year.
    Remember, you may be the only God some of these children ever see or know.
    I know that you will not stay in the funk for very long, you will find the bright spots soon.
    However, you are entitled to some "poor me" right now....
    prayers still being said for you!

  2. Keep positive! Once you see those little faces in your class I think you will feel different! You will and can make a differece in one if not all of those little children's lives! Remember, Rome was not built in a day... So, your classroom may take a while to get in order, but you too can overcome!

    Heart --- Nicole