the WORST day

So...after hours in the classroom...months of hard work...hundreds of dollars....and lots of time from myself, family, and amazing friends..... i lost my job today...

yep i got bumped by another teacher.

not so happy..

keep me in prayer..



  1. Oh, Ash I am so sorry!!! What a loss to them.
    and after so much hard work, I could just cry for you!!!
    But I know how much you admire your BIG MAN,
    there has to be a reason for this,
    maybe something closer to home is coming up...
    He will lead you where you need to be and I know right now
    it doesn't seem like that but believe me, I will be burning some
    prayers your way girl!!!!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that!!!! Lilly is right; there is something better around the corner. I'm routing for you!!!!

  3. i can say the same as lilly and mary.
    you deserve better somewhere else and we'll be praying.
    also, did you happen to repaint that room, cuz i just like knowing that maybe the one that bumped you gets to look at that crazy bright yellow all year - HA! sweet revenge! Just kidding!!! come scrap Friday it will make you feel better.
    btw - i want to say they might be looking for a K teacher at Lockport Lower. it's worth a shot, i don't know if they filled it yet and you can always use me as a reference.

  4. Hey Ash -

    Keep your head up... The right job will fall into place. Trust in the Lord he moves mountains!

  5. ash, please let us know...
    what has happened since this post!
    I am dying to know if you have got a position!!!!