Look What I just Bought!

I have been eyeing this beauty for a couple of months now. I have been waiting for a little extra pocket change to purchase it. Well, I just bought it! What is it? you ask. It's the starlette crown from Giantdwarf on Etsy. Here are a few photos of it:

Photo Credit: www.bleubirdvintage.typepad.com

Photo Credit: www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com

********************************************** Don't you love it? I have a few occasions that I have in mind to wear it! It's so pretty.



Get it, Read it, Love it!!

So I just finished reading this amazing piece of literature:

Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. Ummm probably my FAVE author. This book was another amazing testament to her writing talent. In other words, it was THE BOMB. All of her books are those can't put em down ones and this was definately no exception. Just get it and read it! I can't say enough about it! (just an extra, her book, Nineteen Minutes, is my other fave)

Also on my nightstand sits this:

I have only read a few pages but I love it. I am packing it for CHA because I need some quiet time to dissolve into it and I haven't had that chance yet! If you are an artist you need to read it! Scrappers that is definately you too!

In my Nook are these:

In the middle of this one, so far, so good.

Haven't started this one, but have heard good things about it. I will start is as soon as I'm done with Happy Now

And, of course these magazines. I look through them in between books!

I absolutely love to read. As you can tell, there are usually two or three books/magazines going on at one time. I love going on peeps blogs to see what they are reading so I thought I'd share mine too!

Coming shortly: Pretty Little Studio Design Team work! Lots of love and hearts!



NOT today!

So our apartment is right behind Rouses. I mean right behind Rouses. It is a convenient thing at 9:30pm when we are in our PJs and out of Reduced Fat Chips Ahoy cookies and I am craving them. Shane just runs right over and grabs some cookies. It is convenient when LuLu is sleeping over and yelling for milk and we are out. Shane just runs over and gets some. However, it is NOT convenient for this little thing called sleeping. See the garbage man comes at 4-4:30 in the morning to empty the SIX dumpsters in the parking lot. Yes there are SIX. No it would be too easy and quick if there were one or two or three even, but, there are SIX. Oh and he drops them from like 50 feet in the air so that they all make this super loud noise like the sky is falling. Then after about 20 minutes of that you think it's all quiet and you can rest easy. NOT! The fruit man or the Pepsi man or someone makes an appearance at around 5-5:30. And you know that they all have to back up and use that beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep UGHHHHHHHHH for an hour. I swear they are backing up for a freaking hour. Then after they leave, the Rouses crew gets out there and starts throwing crates around. When I tell you that I HAVE HAD IT! I HAVE HAD IT! We have been living there for about two months and i have not slept through the night yet. Then, magically, when I HAVE to get up at 10-10:30 (no i don't sleep that late everyday) it is completely silent and all of the work is done. I am so annoyed. Today I lost my mind. I was literally in tears at 4am when the dumpster man was there and I yelled and yelled about it when Shane got home at 7. I CAN'T TAKE IT. So, let's just say I am a little grumpy today and I do not want to do anything.

But, this is a day that my God has made and I am thankful for it. I am just a little grumpy.

Thanks for always letting me vent little blog!


Visually Inspiring

So I have decided to do this totally random post. I love looking on WE HEART IT.com for visually inspiring images. I never have the time to do this like I used to but, today, I finished my work here at the store and had a little time on my hands. Here are 10 images that caught my eye and fed me some inspiration..after, are the thoughts that those images inspired. WARNING: it is random and there is no rhyme or reason to it but isn't that what a lot of blogging is all about?


...i am very content with my life right now..i think she is too!




...i NEED more vintage clothing


...i miss my wedding dress...i wanna wear it everyday


...my mom used to hang clothes on a clothesline at our old house when I was a kid..i loved that


... i wanna take more random photos of my daily life..the details (and scrap em)


...i wonder if they were genuinely happy with their lives back then...or if they just faked it cause they had no other choice...i bet some of them secretly desire a shopping spree and a maid..hehe


...this kitchen is so cluttered but so pretty...why when i do mine it just screams clutter and not pretty??


...i want the other instax camera..i don't need it but i WANT it


...today i feel so lazy and obese...all i wanna do is lay around on my couch when i get home and eat and eat and eat..it's so wrong..it really is..i don't wanna go to the gym today and i DON'T wanna eat weight watchers...god help me lol!

Well that was fun. I'm sure you are thinking..ash that was useless but hey it was fun!!


Some new creations

Hey! Here is what I created while at CCL a couple of weekends ago. It was so nice to scrapbook whatever the heck I wanted. I definately used a ton of old product. That was nice too! I forgot how much goodies I have from a while back!

This is my fave layout of the weekend!
Title: Pure Excitement

Made this for my Dad's office!

More than just the Man Behind the Camera

Title: Don't Stop Believin

Title: Complete Madness

Title: Be Yourself No Matter What

Title: Too much For my Heart

Title: You Light Up My Life Everyday

There ya go! Hope you enjoyed!



6 weeks in..

WARNING: This post is way too personal but I'm just in one of those moods!

We are six weeks into this thing called marriage.

It feels much longer and I don't mean that in a negative way.

It is fun. It is hard. It is different from my normal.

It makes me smile when I see your stuff lying around the apartment because I know we share the same home now.

Then, in that same breath, it drives me nuts when your stuff is scattered around the apartment.

I love waking up to your face, in those rare moments when I do. It feels safe and comfortable and peaceful.

I absolutely can not stand the fact that now that we are married you have decided to take up snoring. When we were dating, you did not snore. Then love how when I tell you to turn over after hearing you cutting logs for 3 hours, you act annoyed. So sorry to bother you! :)

Love cooking dinner and seeing how happy it makes you to have a home cooked meal. Love sitting together with the candles lit and the table set all cute and pretty and eating dinner together. It feels like we are family. It feels like the beginning of something wonderful.
Not the biggest fan of working all day and then coming home to spend hours in the kitchen, first cooking and then cleaning up after eating. That will definately take a while to grow on me.

Love how you just transitioned so easily into this marriage thing and this living together thing. Love that you are on cloud 9 and just love all of these HUGE changes. Know that it is an adjustment for me. It is rough for an independant girl who lived alone for a while and who is sort of a control freak and who is OCD about cleanliness and things having their place and who likes things uh em HER WAY to just change all that overnight. It is taking me a little longer to adjust and to become adapted. And I am realizing that that is OKAY.

Hate that you work soooo much. And then, Sometimes, when you are on my nerves, all I can think is GOD, GO TO WORK. :) Love that you put up with me. Love that you get so aggravated with me sometimes that I know you wanna just throw me out the upper story window. He! Love how you went from cringing when you heard the word marriage to itching to be married, to jumping off the stairs of the plantation after you "kissed the bride" cause you were so ready for those words.

Love how, after a year of dating, I was ready for my engagement ring. Love how the entire year we were engaged, all I could think was, I'm too young, I'm still a baby.

Love how we are in this together. Know that we are in this together. Know that marriage is work and it is hard and it doesn't just happen. Know that we both have to give and give and give. Know that God did not intend this to be something that we take for granted. Love knowing that all of these emotions are normal. They are. They are the beautiful feelings that make up the heart of a married woman. They are the feelings that I cling to. The ones that make me cry, break my heart, make me laugh, and bring me joy. I love knowing that we are making up our own rules. We are doing it the way that works for us. We are going at our own pace. We are fighting and laughing and talking and being quiet and still. I know that this was ordained by God. I know that you are my best friend. I know that I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love you boo boo! I'm in it till wrinkles and beyond!


Why I love her being around!

Because I love seeing this lying around the apartment:

Because I love putting her hair in piggie tails:

Because I love seeing her play with all of my old toys and loving them up as much as I used to:

Because she reads Pinkalicious over and over again and let's face it, that book is the BOMB:

Because Shane and I love getting her all dressed and bringing her out for lunch:

Because now I get to bring her get her nails painted everytime she comes over:

Because she's dramatic and crazy and silly and beautiful and perfect. Because she adds so much joy to my life. Because I take my job as Nannie very seriously. Because I hope to always be this close to her and I hope she always knows she can come to me no matter what.

I love having her around because she is her and I love her...big as the sky!