The events of the last two days

Well, I have been super busy these last couple of days. They have been great but i am definately feeling the fatigue. On Friday, which, may i mention is my favoritest day of the year (other than Christmas), Ms. Biondini and I went shopping. Yes, we braved the madness of the crowds and crankiness and hit the stores bright and early. Actually, the day couldn't have gone any better. We had a complete blast. We left my apartment at 10:30pm and were at Toys R Us for 11:15pm. We waited in the freezing cold line and then hit up the awesome bargains. We ended up shopping until 1:00 in the afternoon and headed home. We both saved a ton of money. Here are some pics from our trip.

After we got home, I took a small two hour power nap. Then, it was off to work on Madelyn's book and canvas. I finally finished them at 3:30am this morning. Everyone at the party loved them and I am glad to be done. Madelyn's party was precious. She was in a fabulous mood. She attempted blowing out her candle, opened presents, ate lots of cake, and played with her new toys. She wore the most fabulous hot pink party dress and then, like a true diva, changed into her second outfit, a cupcake onesie and tutu. She had a complete meltdown when I left and i must say it definately makes me feel good knowing that she loves her Nannie. Here are some photos from the party.

So, now I am about to head over to Vera's to do some much needed creating. I feel so free creatively. You guys have to realize I have been working on Madelyn's book for one whole year. I am so ready to do something that allows me to completely jump out of my box. I can't wait to use tons of vintage stuff and lots of christmas projects. Oh, and by the way, some of you have been asking me why the blog does not allow you to comment, I have absolutely no clue what the deal is. I tried to check my settings to see if it was anything that I could fix and I didn't see anything. Can someone let me know what they think the problem is. Thanks!

HOpe you guys have a great Sunday!



10 things I love Wedenesday

Well, I am actually posting 10 things I love Wednesday on Wednesday. I am so proud. Here they are:

Number 1!

These Steel Magnolias cupcakes. O my gosh....how stinkin cute! I just love that movie

Number 2!

This tattoo is fabulous! I am really in love with this one....soooo in love. I want another tattoo so bad!

Number 3!

This candy bar at a wedding. I will most definately be having a candy bar at my wedding. I think that it is such a precious idea.

Number 4!

This christmas bow from Etsy. Love it. The plans are to order this for Ms. Madelyn. It would be perfect with her attire.

Number 5!

This photo. Reminds me of me and my podnas at the beach. Except these suits are tons cuter than ours.

Number 6!

This living room. It inspires me sooooo much. I want so badly for mine to look like this.

Number 7!

Photo booths! Like, what the heck happened to photo booths. They are the bomb diggity. I need one in my apartment. I will have to price them. Seriously!

Number 8!

This photo. It is just precious!

Number 9!

All of this...it just inspires me! The design is lovely.

Number 10!

These two. These are two of my besties and after nine years of dating, they made it official last week. The wedding was beautiful and kala's dress was the bomb. I love them and I'm so glad that they are FINALLY married.

Don't know what's up with all the wedding posts but i promise it is strictly coincidence. Well, I'm off to the gym for a run and then headed back to my studio for a night full of scrapbooking. Much love peeps!



So, yesterday was quite lovely to say the least. Hayden and I decided that yesterday would be the perfect day for our little Christmas traditions that we have created over the years. Ms. Madelyn was supposed to join us and become part of those little traditions but she had a fever when I went to pick them up in the morning and she was unable to attend. So, Hayden, me, Shane and my mom set out on our adventure. Every year, I take Hayden to Toys R' Us to make his Christmas list. I then write what I'm buying on one list and give the remainder to the rest of his family. It really helps everyone and makes shopping easier. It has also become something that me and Hayden look forward to every single year. So, yesterday we all got lattes (except Hayden, he settled for milk) and headed to Toys R' Us. Shane agreed to photograph the trip so that I could use the pics in my December Daily.

After, we went to Lakeside and I spent way too much money. What's new? I convinced myself that I needed my fifth pair of boots this winter and I also bought tons of clothes. It seems that every two pounds I loose makes me think that I can buy more and more clothes. When we got home we baked Christmas cookies and then cuddled on the couch and watched A Christmas Story.
We listened to Christmas music all day and just had the best time. In other news, I did absolutely no work on LuLU's book and the time is ticking. I'm about to go bring Hayden home, stop at Scrapalicious for another album, and come back to hit the books (scrapbooks that is!) I have to finish tonite because tomorrow is jam packed and Friday I will be hitting the malls with my mom, Kasi, and Vera at most likely 3am and who knows when I'll be home. I just love this week it is so much fun! Well, I hope that you all are feeling the Christmas bug! Happy Wednesday! (Hopefully be back later with 10things!)


Lattes and Layouts

Today, I am drinking tons of gingerbread lattes and trying to create as many layouts as possible. The time is 5 days and counting to finish Madelyn's book. Wish me luck!
Be back later!
Happy Monday!


Just a lil post.

So, it is almost 2am and I am still wide awake. I slept until 5:00 this afternoon. Yep, I slept all nite last nite until 5 this afternoon. That is just ridiculous I know but it was like I had been drugged. Seriously, I tried to get up earlier and I was just completely overcome with sleepiness. I don't know what the deal was. Anyways, LuLu's birthday party is next weekend and I have been on scrapbooking overload trying to get her book finished. Here are a few layouts that I have done lately.

So, scrapbooking has been a job lately just because I have to get this book done and I am on a complete time crunch. I am so looking forward to being able to just be free creatively when this is all over. Don't get me wrong, I love making this little keepsake for Ms. Madelyn but I am just ready for a change of pace. There is definately something magical in the air right now. I have been listening to lots of Christmas music, drinking lots of gingerbread lattes, and I am even doing some Christmas reading. I am doing everything I can to get in the spirit. Well, I'm headed off to bed. Oh, by the way, Ms. Lacey has been begging me to post a layout that she loves that was hanging in Scrapalicious last Christmas. So, Lacey, sorry it took so long, but, here it is! Enjoy!

Hope you guys have a good Sunday. Praise Him as much as you can!



Sick Day

So, I am at home right now sick as can be. I am hoping that it is not the flu because that is what it feels like. I am headed to the doctor this afternoon and I hope that it is a good report. I also hope that he gives me something to make me feel like I did NOT just get hit by a car. In other news, the weekend was quite lovely and I wish I could live it a few times again. I did some shopping with Kasi and LuLU and that was just great. It is rare that Kasi and I get to spend time together. Friday, Vera came over and we scrapped and chatted till the sun came up. It was one of those nights that reminded me of us back in the day and it was so much fun. Saturday, Shane and I went to Thibodauxville and hung out with friends. The kids came sleep over Saturday and LuLu spent the day with us yesterday. This weekend definately helped me get more into the Christmas spirit. I do not know if it was the kids or the shopping or what but I am definately a lil more in the mood. So, in honor of my more cheery mood, here are some lovely pics to remind you of the holiday season.

Okay now I must rest. Happy Monday!



10 things I love Wednesday....oh so late

Well guys here is a much needed edition of 10 things that I love...here on this pretty little Saturday...

Number 1!

The things that I just purchased from Etsy

Number 2!

These tats....I love wrist tattoos and I would love to have one but it's not gonna happen

Number 3!

These images from this place...i want to do so much more with my apartment

Number 4!

Ali's 25 days of Christmas project...i plan to do one...hope to get started soon

Number 5!

This pic of Miss Monroe...i need these glasses

Number 6!

This photo is so beautiful...when my best friend's dad died we used to write little notes to him and tie them to balloons and let them go...we swore they made it to heaven...this pic made me think of that

Number 7!

Just a bit of yumminess...he is so stinkin hot

Number 8!

This studio...ahhh to be able to have mine look like this

Number 9!

This art journal...i want to get back to creating things about me so badly...i must finish Ms. Madelyn's book first

Number 10!
Not being at school...i know i love my job sooo much huh
So far, it has been a lazy weekend. I went to the movies last nite and saw The Christmas Carol in 3d. I never really like the story of the Christmas Carol because as a kid I thought that it was scary and dark but I agreed to go last nite to try and get myself into the christmas spirit. Well, least to say, that movie did nothing for me...it was terribly scary. Seriously the kids in the theater were all screaming. I did not enjoy it at all. The 3d was really awesome but the movie itself was too negative for me! I am headed to spend a little time with LuLU then home to create...hopefully something happens. Have a great weekend!


Oh Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and Friday can not come soon enough. Last weekend was fabulous to say the least. Friday, I scrapbooked. Nothing too hot came out of me but I am just trying to finish up Miss Madelyn's book. Her birthday party is in 3 1/2 weeks and I am no where near done. Anyways, Saturday was Halloween and Shane and I spent the day and night at Kasi's. We went trick or treating with the kids and then ate, drank, and watched scary movies. It was super fun. Lu Lu was a ladybug and Hayden was a vampire.

On Sunday, we went to church and then we went to Lakeside for a day of shopping. Let's just say that I didn't spend my WHOLE paycheck. I bought a sweater dress, boots, a couple of shirts, a scarf, and of course a new hat. Shane bought me a new coat and it is just precious. It is plaid and I don't ever want to take it off. I got tons of stuff for LuLu too. It was great because we haven't had a day like that in a while where we just blow some money and enjoy each other's crazy personalities.

Has anyone checked out Ali Edwards' blog lately. She has begun to post about December Daily and I am definately doing it this year. I am about to head to Etsy to order some vintage stuff for the album. I would like to get started on it and have it ready like she does every year. I am usually completely obsessed with Christmas and I am usually itching to put my tree up by this time but for some reason, I am not quite yet in that spirit. Hopefully, my feelings will change soon. I think that I am just really enjoying the right now in my life. I think that the events from last year just really made me realize that you can do all of the decorating and christmas shopping in the world, but, if your family is together, happy, and safe, that is all that matters. This year, hopefully we can have that. Well my friends of the blogging world, I am off and Ihope to return tomorrow to post a much needed and awaited 10 things I love Wednesday.

Do some praising to the big man tonite. Happy Tuesday!