I am a Kindergarten teacher now and it feels like my brain is suddenly a huge ball of mush. I tried to be creative this weekend and, guess what!!! it didn't work at all. I did however have a large, long talk with shane about my future and we have come to some conclusions. I have so many creative ideas about careers and a few little special things that I want to try to accomplish. However, he also tried to knock some sense into me and told me that I have to be a whole lot less scared to make these dreams come true. That is the hard part. I am always talking myself out of my dreams because of my fears. I MUST STOP! It is almost like this whole situation and this whole last couple of weeks has given me a new lease on life. It has also made me have that New Year's feeling. It is making me want to write a list and get to completing it. I am excited to see what God now has in store for me because he just threw me a curve ball and I know he wants me to pursue things that are my passion. I am listening God 10-4! So in the midst of the weekend I started on a layout where I am using an 8x10 of Madelyn. HOwever, the picture is only of her profile and there was tons of white space. On the picture, I wrote all of these little words of wisdom that I want her to live by. While writing this, it felt like I was the one who needed to hear them the most. So, I wanted to share with you what I wrote.....
*Pray even when it feels like He's not there* Dance every dance, never sit out* Don't settle for just any guy, but, when the right one comes along, love him with your whole heart* Sing out loud, at the top of your lungs* Always make time for your family* Trust me, your parents are usually right* Learn from your mistakes* Pain is okay, feel it and grow from it* Dance in the rain* Praise Him for the everyday* Don't be afraid to fail, it will hold you back from your dreams* You are beautiful* If you fall, get back up and dust yourself off* Surround yourself with people who love you for you* Always be true to yourself, because, in the end, you are the one who has to be happy* Life goes by so fast, so, enjoy your now* Put your trust in God, he will never, ever let you down* I adore you, and I always will* Your dreams should be limitless* Take in every moment and know that this is your life, treasure it........so that is that. All of those little words of wisdom are really making me want get to it and live the life that IIIIIIII want. Hopefully this little burst of spunk does not leave quickly, I am liking the feeling. I need to do some journaling, praying, and soul searching, but i am conifdent that I am headed for some good things. Anyways......................................................in other news, these are the three things that must be purchased with my first paycheck:

Numero Uno^

This precious little instant camera that takes credit card sized color photos. Can anyone say ooooolala!

Numero Dos^ Lots of new Sassafras...
Oh God I could just hit the floor.

Numero Tres^

Lots of new Jenni Bowlin goodness.

Okay so that was a very deep and very long post....sorry to bore you all...I will however will hopefully be back later for a fun little tidbit from the weekend...It's monday...praise as much as you can



  1. where the heck do you find that camera, I have to have one.
    oh and please, please, follow your dreams while you are young
    have no regrets when you are old.

  2. Okay - I have to see the camera!!! What brand is it... I am trying to goggle it!

    Anyway, I love what you wrote to you baby girl! SO sweet she will have this forever!


  3. Oh, I also found that sweet little camera on Ebay for much cheaper,
    like under 90 dollars, look there prior to buying.
    it is made by fuji