Wedding Photography!!

So, the last couple of weeks have been spent hunting for a wedding photographer. Yes, literally hunting. I am planning on and have been completely calm, cool, and collected about every aspect of the wedding, all, except the photographer. This is the one thing that I will be anal about. I have come across so many talented artists. However, there just haven't been too many people that are exactly what I am looking for. Shane and I met with a couple of people and called a ton of people too. I just was not satisfied. However, we found this guy out of Houston and he is absolutely AMAZING. He is completely out of the box, editorial, and so artistic. I am obsessed. I spoke with him last night on the phone and we totally clicked. Hopefully things with him will work out. I must share some of his work. I really just can't say enough about him.

He is a true artist with complete raw talent. These days that is so rare. I just love that his pictures don't need to undergo 5 1/2 hours of Photoshop before they look decent. He just captures personality, style, and emotion. I am praying that we can make this all work to get him for our wedding.

Well, that's all for today....hope that you have a great week!! Do some praising as often as you can!


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  1. Hey Ash! I just wanted to say good luck in finding a good photographer for the wedding. I also wanted to mention a few that you may or may not have seen. Check out Kelly Moore.. http://kellymoorephotography.com/mooreblog/ and also Dawn Earles.. http://www.dawnearles.com/blog/ . and again good luck!