10 things i Love (not on Wednesday)

Well, I am supposed to post ten things that I love every Wednesday. However, I have obviously not been keeping up with this commitment. Life just does not allow it! But today, I am in such an inspiring mood. Here are 10 little things that are just adorable.

Number 1!

These sexxy suede boots. Even though I only have about one month left to wear winter attire, these boots are to die for!

Number 2!

These precious camper illustrations. Love the quotes....love the campers.

Number 3!

This completely phenominal outfit. I must and will own it! Like tomorrow!

Number 4!

This is just FAB! I already ordered old gas and oil cans to do something a little like this.

Number 5!

These handmade journals. I am creating one tonite with my own little style.

Number 6!

Can you say pretty, pretty, pretty? I will just get married in this. Gorgeous antique lace and a pink bow. Nothing else needed.

Number 7!

Speaking of pink bows, how about a whole entire bowl full. Lovely!

Number 8!

These flowered pugs....I love pugs..especially mine.

Number 9!

Ahhhh! This room. It is so pink and so pretty. I love all the books just stacked on the floor.

And last but not least, Number 10!

Sooooooooooooooo, yesterday i ordered my wedding cake and this is what it will look like. It will be black and white and it will not have the daises on the fifth tier. Instead, there will be a thin strip of ribbon with a little bow. There will red roses on the top of the cake with my little cake topper in the middle. Here's a peak of the cake topper:

Of course, the bride is a blonde. Well I hope that you are all having a good week. I am so excited...you know why? Because tomorrow is Friday of course!


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  1. The cake is so cute and I love the journals!!! May have to try making one of my own. Check out my calender that I made it came out so cute!!