Here's to Them

So, this post is going to be one where I get a little personal but I just really feel like it's necessary. The last two years of my life I have been praying for God to weed out those people/friends in my life that were not the best to have. The people that were fake, selfish, and only in the friendship to get something from me. I prayed that prayer for a long time and I feel that the process is over. God has definately gotten rid of certain people in my life. He has definately allowed me to see peoples' true colors. I am so thankful for those in my life that are close to me and that have been there for me through thick and thin. I am so thankful to share so much with them and I can't wait to have them involved in my wedding and the rest of my life. No matter what is said by others or the beliefs of others, these friends are tried, true, and daily showing the love of God to me. I hope that I do the same in return. Here's to them, the true blue friends that bring the sunshine in the rain. The people who are there to pick me up off of the floor, dust me off, and tell me that it is all going to work out. Here's to the people with whom I share the good times and absolutely can not get enough of. Here's to them. Thank you and I love you oh so much!


  1. I love the pics and the post...God is good and he always takes care of us. Have a great day my friend! Thanks for always helping out and lifting me up...I'm here for you and during the wedding planning!!

  2. you are a good girl, AshMarie, a really good girl!