A new treat!

So, today, Shane and I joined phone plans and I finally got a cool phone. I have never ever gotten anything but the phone that is free with your plan, so getting the new IPHONE is a whole new adventure for me. It took me about 5 seconds to become completely obsessed. It even has a weight watchers app so that I can keep track of my points easily! Whoop Whoop! The phone is absolutely delicious. I plan on spending hours playing! Happy Happy Monday!

(Excuse the hair...i just got out of the shower!)


  1. I cringe for my life b/c I am offically the only person with out an IPhone...not cool, not cool!

  2. Nope, Vera, I don't have one either, scared of them thangs!
    Scared my life will be completely taken over by this little beast of
    a contraption!!!!

  3. I dont have one but I think cupid is bringing one for Valentines Day

  4. Whatever ladies... LOL Ashely and I have an IPHONE! Whoop Whoop! hehehehe