Love is...

Love is falling in the beginning because it feels good....staying in the end because nothing else feels right...

Love is consuming yourself with another person because you can't breathe, can't function otherwise. It is passionate and dangerous and absolutely exhilarating.

Love is a feeling...love is more than a feeling...love is a commitment...love is an impulse...love was the beginning....love will be the end.

Love is being hooked at first because of the stuff on the outside...love is sticking around because of the stuff on the inside.

Love is having babies.....Love is making memories....love is building a home....love is getting wrinkled together....love is a life lived as one.

Love is overwhelming to the point of losing your breath....Love is consuming to the point of losing yourself.

Love is being there when everything is falling apart....no matter the time, no matter the place, no questions asked, no price to be paid.

^ This is love...this is the most confusing, simple thing that I have ever experienced. This is all i need and nothing that I thought i ever wanted. This is the most selfless, consuming, necessary thing in my life right now. This is what God has ordained and what I will work the rest of my life to keep. This is the reason I am making it through right now.

Thank you for dealing with me, especially right now. Thank you for lifting me up and knowing that the real me is under all of this mess. Thank you for today, yesterday, and all the days that are yet to come. Thank you and I would be so lost without you.

I love you!

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  1. Awesome Ash, I love this and Shane is just as lucky to have you as you are to have him