Surprise Holiday

So, I have been off from work for the last two days and OVERJOYED is the best word to use to describe how I feel about it. They had to cancel school on Monday and Tuesday because of busted pipes around the schools in the parish. It has been lovely being off. Of course I have been staying up late. On Sunday, I read till really late at night. I got this new book that I will post about later that I just can't put down. Last night, I went to the store to help Vera decorate the front windows with a little love feel. I must say we were worried at first because we had no clue what we were going to do. However, it came out really cute. Yesterday, I watched Madelyn all day and it was so much fun. She is such a rockstar and I just can not get enough of that girl. Today, so far, I have slept very late and I have plans that include, PJs, lattes, reading, and creating. Ah, to live a life like this every single day. It would be a dream. So, here are some layouts that are really inspiring me today.

Well, Im headed to pick up a latte and then hibernate in my studio. I think that I am going to finish the rest of the wall decor in there today. I hope that you are all having an inspiring day too. Oh and by the way, Sassfras posted sneaks and I hate the way that they are toying with my emotions. Go check it out on their blog. I'm so thrilled to see the full collections. Happy Happy Tuesday.

Praise the Man with the plan!


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  1. I wish they would show the paper already and stop posting letters!

    Happy Tuesday too! PS - seen the front window today on my way to work.