The events of the last two days

Well, I have been super busy these last couple of days. They have been great but i am definately feeling the fatigue. On Friday, which, may i mention is my favoritest day of the year (other than Christmas), Ms. Biondini and I went shopping. Yes, we braved the madness of the crowds and crankiness and hit the stores bright and early. Actually, the day couldn't have gone any better. We had a complete blast. We left my apartment at 10:30pm and were at Toys R Us for 11:15pm. We waited in the freezing cold line and then hit up the awesome bargains. We ended up shopping until 1:00 in the afternoon and headed home. We both saved a ton of money. Here are some pics from our trip.

After we got home, I took a small two hour power nap. Then, it was off to work on Madelyn's book and canvas. I finally finished them at 3:30am this morning. Everyone at the party loved them and I am glad to be done. Madelyn's party was precious. She was in a fabulous mood. She attempted blowing out her candle, opened presents, ate lots of cake, and played with her new toys. She wore the most fabulous hot pink party dress and then, like a true diva, changed into her second outfit, a cupcake onesie and tutu. She had a complete meltdown when I left and i must say it definately makes me feel good knowing that she loves her Nannie. Here are some photos from the party.

So, now I am about to head over to Vera's to do some much needed creating. I feel so free creatively. You guys have to realize I have been working on Madelyn's book for one whole year. I am so ready to do something that allows me to completely jump out of my box. I can't wait to use tons of vintage stuff and lots of christmas projects. Oh, and by the way, some of you have been asking me why the blog does not allow you to comment, I have absolutely no clue what the deal is. I tried to check my settings to see if it was anything that I could fix and I didn't see anything. Can someone let me know what they think the problem is. Thanks!

HOpe you guys have a great Sunday!



  1. I do not mean you are crazy... I was just testing hte comment box! heheh I really missed out on shopping this year due to 2 kids in tow! LOL

  2. Hey! I'm going to get you that frame so you can begin working on it...put make a post about the vintage day at the store...I'm putting one to my blog too! Had a blast with you over the holidays! Wish it was Christmas so we had more time off!