10 things I love Wednesday....oh so late

Well guys here is a much needed edition of 10 things that I love...here on this pretty little Saturday...

Number 1!

The things that I just purchased from Etsy

Number 2!

These tats....I love wrist tattoos and I would love to have one but it's not gonna happen

Number 3!

These images from this place...i want to do so much more with my apartment

Number 4!

Ali's 25 days of Christmas project...i plan to do one...hope to get started soon

Number 5!

This pic of Miss Monroe...i need these glasses

Number 6!

This photo is so beautiful...when my best friend's dad died we used to write little notes to him and tie them to balloons and let them go...we swore they made it to heaven...this pic made me think of that

Number 7!

Just a bit of yumminess...he is so stinkin hot

Number 8!

This studio...ahhh to be able to have mine look like this

Number 9!

This art journal...i want to get back to creating things about me so badly...i must finish Ms. Madelyn's book first

Number 10!
Not being at school...i know i love my job sooo much huh
So far, it has been a lazy weekend. I went to the movies last nite and saw The Christmas Carol in 3d. I never really like the story of the Christmas Carol because as a kid I thought that it was scary and dark but I agreed to go last nite to try and get myself into the christmas spirit. Well, least to say, that movie did nothing for me...it was terribly scary. Seriously the kids in the theater were all screaming. I did not enjoy it at all. The 3d was really awesome but the movie itself was too negative for me! I am headed to spend a little time with LuLU then home to create...hopefully something happens. Have a great weekend!


  1. I found some treasures at garage sales to share with you and Vera and Nicole, old buttons from the cutest little lady still on their cards!!!! and an old sewing book lesson plan book that has pictures of patterns,
    and old packaging for some electrical supplies.
    Oh I will have treasures for you at scrapalicious!!!!

  2. Hey Girl! What are you doing on Saturday night? We need to get together and scrapbook!! Call me! Vera