So, yesterday was quite lovely to say the least. Hayden and I decided that yesterday would be the perfect day for our little Christmas traditions that we have created over the years. Ms. Madelyn was supposed to join us and become part of those little traditions but she had a fever when I went to pick them up in the morning and she was unable to attend. So, Hayden, me, Shane and my mom set out on our adventure. Every year, I take Hayden to Toys R' Us to make his Christmas list. I then write what I'm buying on one list and give the remainder to the rest of his family. It really helps everyone and makes shopping easier. It has also become something that me and Hayden look forward to every single year. So, yesterday we all got lattes (except Hayden, he settled for milk) and headed to Toys R' Us. Shane agreed to photograph the trip so that I could use the pics in my December Daily.

After, we went to Lakeside and I spent way too much money. What's new? I convinced myself that I needed my fifth pair of boots this winter and I also bought tons of clothes. It seems that every two pounds I loose makes me think that I can buy more and more clothes. When we got home we baked Christmas cookies and then cuddled on the couch and watched A Christmas Story.
We listened to Christmas music all day and just had the best time. In other news, I did absolutely no work on LuLU's book and the time is ticking. I'm about to go bring Hayden home, stop at Scrapalicious for another album, and come back to hit the books (scrapbooks that is!) I have to finish tonite because tomorrow is jam packed and Friday I will be hitting the malls with my mom, Kasi, and Vera at most likely 3am and who knows when I'll be home. I just love this week it is so much fun! Well, I hope that you all are feeling the Christmas bug! Happy Wednesday! (Hopefully be back later with 10things!)

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  1. Love the blurry effect in the Toys R Us Picture!