Sick Day

So, I am at home right now sick as can be. I am hoping that it is not the flu because that is what it feels like. I am headed to the doctor this afternoon and I hope that it is a good report. I also hope that he gives me something to make me feel like I did NOT just get hit by a car. In other news, the weekend was quite lovely and I wish I could live it a few times again. I did some shopping with Kasi and LuLU and that was just great. It is rare that Kasi and I get to spend time together. Friday, Vera came over and we scrapped and chatted till the sun came up. It was one of those nights that reminded me of us back in the day and it was so much fun. Saturday, Shane and I went to Thibodauxville and hung out with friends. The kids came sleep over Saturday and LuLu spent the day with us yesterday. This weekend definately helped me get more into the Christmas spirit. I do not know if it was the kids or the shopping or what but I am definately a lil more in the mood. So, in honor of my more cheery mood, here are some lovely pics to remind you of the holiday season.

Okay now I must rest. Happy Monday!


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