10 things I love Wedenesday

Well, I am actually posting 10 things I love Wednesday on Wednesday. I am so proud. Here they are:

Number 1!

These Steel Magnolias cupcakes. O my gosh....how stinkin cute! I just love that movie

Number 2!

This tattoo is fabulous! I am really in love with this one....soooo in love. I want another tattoo so bad!

Number 3!

This candy bar at a wedding. I will most definately be having a candy bar at my wedding. I think that it is such a precious idea.

Number 4!

This christmas bow from Etsy. Love it. The plans are to order this for Ms. Madelyn. It would be perfect with her attire.

Number 5!

This photo. Reminds me of me and my podnas at the beach. Except these suits are tons cuter than ours.

Number 6!

This living room. It inspires me sooooo much. I want so badly for mine to look like this.

Number 7!

Photo booths! Like, what the heck happened to photo booths. They are the bomb diggity. I need one in my apartment. I will have to price them. Seriously!

Number 8!

This photo. It is just precious!

Number 9!

All of this...it just inspires me! The design is lovely.

Number 10!

These two. These are two of my besties and after nine years of dating, they made it official last week. The wedding was beautiful and kala's dress was the bomb. I love them and I'm so glad that they are FINALLY married.

Don't know what's up with all the wedding posts but i promise it is strictly coincidence. Well, I'm off to the gym for a run and then headed back to my studio for a night full of scrapbooking. Much love peeps!


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