Why I love her being around!

Because I love seeing this lying around the apartment:

Because I love putting her hair in piggie tails:

Because I love seeing her play with all of my old toys and loving them up as much as I used to:

Because she reads Pinkalicious over and over again and let's face it, that book is the BOMB:

Because Shane and I love getting her all dressed and bringing her out for lunch:

Because now I get to bring her get her nails painted everytime she comes over:

Because she's dramatic and crazy and silly and beautiful and perfect. Because she adds so much joy to my life. Because I take my job as Nannie very seriously. Because I hope to always be this close to her and I hope she always knows she can come to me no matter what.

I love having her around because she is her and I love her...big as the sky!

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  1. awww! too sweet! my sister didn't have the nanny she needed when she was young and we both made a commitment to each other that we would be the best nannies ever. trust me, she'll remember what you did for her.