Hey ya'll. Yes, I know, I haven't kept up my blog at all! This year I am definately going to try and do a better job of keeping this blog up. Afterall, I love blogging! So, I'm married now, and getting used to the married life. The wedding was amazing and an absolute dream come true. The honeymoon was a blast!!

As I have said on the store's blog, I am not usually a fan of New Year's resolutions and all of the other hoopla that involves new beginnings and fresh starts at New Year's. However, this year, I am totally embracing the New Year and all of that hoopla. I don't know why but I think it's just because I am in the need for a fresh start.

I am participating in One Little Word for 2011. If you don't know about One Little Word, you can read about it on Ali Edwards' blog at www.aliedwards.com.

After looking through all of the words, I narrowed it down to a few. Here were the frontrunners:

be, deeper, do, document, embrace, family, I, invest, me, nurture, reconnect, rediscover, self, wellness

After not too much thought and consideration. Here is what I picked:

Yes, I chose the word: ME!

It may sound very selfish but it is oh so necessary in my life, you just don't know. Just a brief insight on why I chose it, without getting too personal:

The last three years of my life have been quite chaotic. I feel like the last few years have been all about everyone else in my life. I have been living to please others. I have also been so crazy busy with situations that were not my choosing and I lost a lot of myself. I am tired of that and I am ready to focus on ME again!!

This year I will focus on my body again. I will get my run on daily. (training for a half marathon now) I will read way more. I will scrap way more. I will get things done when I WANT to and not when I feel pressured to. If I can't please someone or get something done for someone else, I will say NO and I will be okay with that. I will go back to being the person that I used to be. Yes, that person offended some people and some people didn't totally like her, but, I did and everyone important to me did. I am going back to that. The people that I was trying to please by changing have since been weeded out of my life. Yes, I did some gardening. So, it is perfectly fine to be ME again. I will pray and grow my relationship with God even more. I will do it according to what HE wants and not what is told to me by others. I will rekindle all of those important relationships in my life. I will nurture my marriage and my relationships with my family and friends. I will SLOW DOWN. I will get more pedicures and manicures even when I don't need them, just because I WANT them. I will be crazy, silly me. I will be loud and sing often! I will document my life as much as possible through my journal. (goal is to write at least one sentence a day!) I will sleep late even when there are a million things to do. I will focus on ME ME ME! I will make ME happy!

I have to have My One Little Word be: ME! I have to regain my sanity and my inner peace!

So far, these past two days, I have done everything that I have promised myself and these two days have been literally AMAZING. I just feel so released and at peace. Anyways, now that I sound ridiculous, I am going to get off of this soap box.

I hope that you are as pumped about this year as I am. Please keep visiting because I am hoping to keep this blog up more!

Much love peeps!

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  1. I love that you are focusing on yourself this year. Too many times we lose ourselves in all the "crap" around us. You are at the perfect stage in life to pratice putting yourself first - it will make you a happy woman and everyone who is important will love you for it. There will be chapters in your life where your energies and stretched, but if you learn to nourish yourself early, then each struggle will be easier. Good luck!! I'm still working on my word - I'll keep you posted :)