6 weeks in..

WARNING: This post is way too personal but I'm just in one of those moods!

We are six weeks into this thing called marriage.

It feels much longer and I don't mean that in a negative way.

It is fun. It is hard. It is different from my normal.

It makes me smile when I see your stuff lying around the apartment because I know we share the same home now.

Then, in that same breath, it drives me nuts when your stuff is scattered around the apartment.

I love waking up to your face, in those rare moments when I do. It feels safe and comfortable and peaceful.

I absolutely can not stand the fact that now that we are married you have decided to take up snoring. When we were dating, you did not snore. Then love how when I tell you to turn over after hearing you cutting logs for 3 hours, you act annoyed. So sorry to bother you! :)

Love cooking dinner and seeing how happy it makes you to have a home cooked meal. Love sitting together with the candles lit and the table set all cute and pretty and eating dinner together. It feels like we are family. It feels like the beginning of something wonderful.
Not the biggest fan of working all day and then coming home to spend hours in the kitchen, first cooking and then cleaning up after eating. That will definately take a while to grow on me.

Love how you just transitioned so easily into this marriage thing and this living together thing. Love that you are on cloud 9 and just love all of these HUGE changes. Know that it is an adjustment for me. It is rough for an independant girl who lived alone for a while and who is sort of a control freak and who is OCD about cleanliness and things having their place and who likes things uh em HER WAY to just change all that overnight. It is taking me a little longer to adjust and to become adapted. And I am realizing that that is OKAY.

Hate that you work soooo much. And then, Sometimes, when you are on my nerves, all I can think is GOD, GO TO WORK. :) Love that you put up with me. Love that you get so aggravated with me sometimes that I know you wanna just throw me out the upper story window. He! Love how you went from cringing when you heard the word marriage to itching to be married, to jumping off the stairs of the plantation after you "kissed the bride" cause you were so ready for those words.

Love how, after a year of dating, I was ready for my engagement ring. Love how the entire year we were engaged, all I could think was, I'm too young, I'm still a baby.

Love how we are in this together. Know that we are in this together. Know that marriage is work and it is hard and it doesn't just happen. Know that we both have to give and give and give. Know that God did not intend this to be something that we take for granted. Love knowing that all of these emotions are normal. They are. They are the beautiful feelings that make up the heart of a married woman. They are the feelings that I cling to. The ones that make me cry, break my heart, make me laugh, and bring me joy. I love knowing that we are making up our own rules. We are doing it the way that works for us. We are going at our own pace. We are fighting and laughing and talking and being quiet and still. I know that this was ordained by God. I know that you are my best friend. I know that I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love you boo boo! I'm in it till wrinkles and beyond!

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