Visually Inspiring

So I have decided to do this totally random post. I love looking on WE HEART IT.com for visually inspiring images. I never have the time to do this like I used to but, today, I finished my work here at the store and had a little time on my hands. Here are 10 images that caught my eye and fed me some inspiration..after, are the thoughts that those images inspired. WARNING: it is random and there is no rhyme or reason to it but isn't that what a lot of blogging is all about?


...i am very content with my life right now..i think she is too!




...i NEED more vintage clothing


...i miss my wedding dress...i wanna wear it everyday


...my mom used to hang clothes on a clothesline at our old house when I was a kid..i loved that


... i wanna take more random photos of my daily life..the details (and scrap em)


...i wonder if they were genuinely happy with their lives back then...or if they just faked it cause they had no other choice...i bet some of them secretly desire a shopping spree and a maid..hehe


...this kitchen is so cluttered but so pretty...why when i do mine it just screams clutter and not pretty??


...i want the other instax camera..i don't need it but i WANT it


...today i feel so lazy and obese...all i wanna do is lay around on my couch when i get home and eat and eat and eat..it's so wrong..it really is..i don't wanna go to the gym today and i DON'T wanna eat weight watchers...god help me lol!

Well that was fun. I'm sure you are thinking..ash that was useless but hey it was fun!!


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  1. I wondered where you get your awesome pics from you "favorites" posts - can't wait to check this pic site out. And I say wear your wedding dress whenever you want - my girls play dress up everyday - why can't you???