2011 is my new boo!

Hey peeps! So far, I did 2011. I really do. I feel like a new lady. It has been so peaceful and fun and happy around my life these past 6 days. Hey, whoever said being selfish will get you no where was very wrong.

As you know, my word is ME for the year! Well, here's what I have done to work towards my word so far:

1. got a mani and a pedi (i really did need one..shane said so)
2. had dinner with friends when i was supposed to be home cooking
3. did something super romantic and sweet for me and the hubby
4. almost finished reading one of my books
5. signed up for the CCL cropping event in Baton Rouge this weekend (there are millions of things i should be at home doing but...it's all about what i WANT to do this year and hey..i wanna crop)
6. joined a book club with some amazing ladies
7. spent QT with my gorgeous godchild
8. paid for a month of tanning (not the smartest way to spend money)
9. stuck to my weight watchers religiously so far (hey i think doing that for 6 days is AWESOME..i would have normally cheated by now)
10. journaled and took a pic every single day

Yes oh yes that is a glorious list that makes me happy! I find that the fact that I am so freely living my life for me is making me so much more pleasant and in turn making others more pleasant too! Hey you know what they say, happy wife, happy life! LOL!

I hope you are all having a great week! Have an awesome weekend!
Do something you WANNA do!


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