Today... I am thankful for my parents. They are so wonderful and so good to me. I have definately been in a funk lately. I just haven't been myself. There is nothing in particular to blame..i think that it is just my job but my parents are very bothered by it. Well, my tree still had not been put up by the beginning of this week and that is so out of my character. It is usually put up by november 1st. My parents could not take it anymore. They were determined for me to get my tree up. They came over Wednesday night and helped me to put it up. We hung out and had so much fun. The tree came out lovely and it is amazing as to what a decorated tree does for your spirit. My parents are just always there when I'm in a slump. They know how to cheer me up and sometimes i just desperately need some time with them. I am thankful that they are there for me. I am thankful that they will help me out even when i won't admit i need some help. I just really really love them.
I hope to decorate the rest of the apartment tomorrow after church. Right now, LuLu is sound asleep in her play pen and I can hear her snoring. Shane just left and just to mention he is pretty amazing. I love how much he helps with LuLu and how much you can tell he adores her. It is precious. Well, here is a pic of the tree. I hope you have a great Sunday. I am looking forward to church. Nite Nite!


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  1. That is one pretty tree, ashmarie It makes me feel like I am in whoville.
    You are right when our babies are not right we are bothered by it no matter how big ya'll get.
    I know you will find your mo-jo!!!!!