So, earlier in the week, Shane told me to dress cute on Thursday night, that he was taking me into the city for a surprise, and that we would be home late. I was excited to say the least. Shane and I have not been having many date nights lately. We used to make it a priority to go on a special date, dress up, and just have a special nite together at least once a month. However, our crazy lives have not allowed us to do this in a while. So, he ended up surprising me with tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra at the New Orleans arena. It was absolutely AMAZING to say the least. It was not at all what I thought it would be. It kicked major butt. It was a lovely surprise adn I am so thankful for Shane and such a wonderful night

So, we had to walk in the pouring rain to get in and out of the arena and although, it was so romantic walking under the umbrella together, I got so sick. I have been in bed for the last two and a half days and yesterday, I was definately near death. LOL. Hopefully, I can shake this by tomorrow because I have to go to New Orleans to finish my Christmas shopping. Well, I hope that you are all getting excited aobut Christmas. I also hope that everyone is having a great holiday season. Here are a few images to inspire you and give you a little boost of Christmas magic....Much love!! Ash*

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