to them...

Today, I just feel like honoring them with a little post so bear with me sharing a little piece of my heart with you guys.

I'm sure when you go from a great friendship to a fun romance, then, to having three kids really quickly it is a huge life adjustment! I know it wasn't always easy. I know there were times when they were shocked at how hard it was. I know now, more than ever, that it must have taken so much work to maintain a marriage, and a home, and three children. I know there were times when you wanted to hit the road.

I know that, sometimes, they were broke. I know that they had to try to keep smiles on their faces so that we wouldn't know. I know that they had to hide it when they were scared to death because they wanted the best for us. I know that they always gave us everything they possibly could even when, sometimes, they probably couldn't.

I know that other people might call what we had dysfunctional. I know that other people might look in and have critiques and criticisms. However, I know that they loved us and still do with all of their hearts. I know that they never did anything to hurt us. I know that there were lots of sacrifices and sleepless nights on their parts. I know that there were tons of tears. I know that we haven't always seemed thankful or respectful or appreciative. I know that that probably made it harder for them to continue giving and giving and giving!

I also know that we loved hard in that house. I know that we laughed hard. I know that we smiled often. I know we all have each others' backs when it comes down to it and that is because of them. Because of how they raised us. I know that my brothers and I have always made mistakes. I do know though that my parents never left our sides. No matter what. No matter how much they disagreed. I know that we were raised with the fear of God and with the understanding of his love and mercy.

I know that we were shown what family is all about. I know that we were raised to take care of people and love them. I know that we were raised to know that nothing, NOTHING, comes before family.

I know that we all turned out great and I can't wait to see how much more we will all achieve in the years to come. I know that they will never stop worrying, pushing, loving, giving. I know that they will never stop praying. I know that they will always be the most amazing parents that I have ever known.

There is no other house that I would have rather grown up in. I know my brothers would agree.

And, today, I am a little homesick. I am missing them and what they brought to my daily life a little bit...well a lot. I know we have to grow up and make our own families. But, I miss that one. The one that they made. The one that they created. The one that they perfected.

I love these two people with all my heart and I thank them for creating and molding me into who I am today. I owe them so much more than I'll ever have. I hope they realize that.

And, if they read this, I hope it is just one more little "THANK YOU" for them to hold on to.

I love you Mom and Dad. I miss living there. I miss seeing you every day. I hope you know what you have done for Copeland, Blake, and I. I hope your realize that you did a damn good job. I hope you know we thank you, we appreciate you, we love you.


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  1. you made me tear today.... hoping that one day my children understand this, that we were never perfect, often scared to death but we treaded on and because of them, because we owed them the best life imaginable that today we are so happy and still in love.... you kids give us another reason to stick in a marriage, because the children deserved the very best life.
    so it is two-fold my dear Ashley. This is a beautiful piece, so glad to call you my friend!