Hey guys. Okay I have stumbled upon something today that really has me thinking about blogging and I have a few questions.

1. Should there be boundaries on your own blog?

2. Should you censor yourself to a certain extent because your blog is accesible on the world wide web?

3. Should you keep in mind that some things may be offensive to others?

4. Should you expect differing opinions from readers?

5. If you decide not to censor/monitor what you write, should you be prepared for the repercussions (however you spell that)?

6. If you are representing companies in the industry, should that affect your blogging?

Please, please leave comments with your answers to this. I need some opinions!



  1. I think that a lot of people confuse a blog and a personal journal/diary. There are some things that I don't feel the need to share with the whole world and then there are others that I think are good to share. I think that sometimes sharing our struggles, dreams, personal battles...and yes, even sometimes our ugliness can help others and even sometimes ourselves. I know that sometimes sharing something on my blog that may not be the typical picture that people see of me can in some ways help to keep my own pride in check.
    I think that you do have to watch what you say if you represent a company, or in my case I try not to blog too much about my job. It can be looked upon as casting a bad light on the company or position.
    We all have bad days and no matter if we say it, or type it, we should be careful what comes out of our mouths. Also, once it is typed and put out there for the world to see there's no taking it back. I know that I sometimes have to be careful because when typing my sarcasm can often be miss read. But as always, I believe that you have to be true to yourself and the beliefs that make you who you are while still respecting others...I agree to disagree and I understand that others belief's may be just as important to them as mine or to me and I shouldn't hold that against them.
    Wow so this lil comment turned into a novel...sorry Ash. But before I go I will give you one of my favorite quotes that I think goes along with this...

    "There's a difference between opinion and conviction. My opinion is something that is true for me personally: my conviction is something that is true for everybody—in my opinion."
    -Sylvia Cordwood-

  2. writing a blog puts you in a vulnerable position sometimes. If you go back and read some of my posts, you will see that I went through some of these same questions as I tried to decide whether or not I would continue my blog or not. Then I decided that it is my blog and if it doesn't interest others then they don't need to follow it. However, I do monitor to some extent what I blog about and those topics that are too personal or may offend or hurt someone I love dearly, I journal in my private journal. If I am to blog about a family member or friend, I always get verbal permission first. Getting ready to have my first grandchild, I will be asking permission from my son and dil each time before posting anything including pictures of her, just because it is their child, not mines, and I want to respect the privacy and her safety that her parents want. The blog does continue because I want to leave a legacy to my generations who will come after me. It makes me happy to think that a hundred years from now, a great, great, grandchld can surf the web and find out who exactly their ancestor was.... That's my story and I am sticking to it!

  3. I post very personal things on my blog. Once in a while I censor what I post because my readers include clients and hell, anyone on the www. I am always prepared for backlash from people with differing opinions - but just as I have mine, they should have theirs. I would think your store blog would less personal and less opinionated because it is an extension of your store, and you don't want to alienate customers, but your personal blog should be your space to post about whatever is on your mind. Just remember - not everyone will agree. As long as you are prepared for that, then go ahead - get blogging!!! love, heather