Another Reason Why Sassafras is the Bomb!

So, Taylor and I just got back from CHA in Los Angeles, California. It was definately a fun and productive trip. We ordered lots of great products and became so very inspired by the people and projects that we saw at the show.

Anways, on to the reason for posting. Everyone knows that Sassafras has a special place in my heart. I have always loved their products and I have always been one to toot their horn. This week gave me more reasons to love them. Their new releases are absolutely precious and on top of that, the people associated with the company are the Bomb!

There are many companies/designers that definately let popularity get to their head. There are also companies that get really big and do not worry so much about small stores anymore. Sassafras is definately an exception. It is owned by a husband and a wife. They are very involved in the business and pretty much keep everything in their own hands, which i respect and love. I totally understand what it feels like! They are the ones that design all of the lines and that handle everything.

Taylor and I got the pleasure of chatting with Rebecca (the wife :) and Mrs. Vicki Boutin (she is a Sassafras design team member) for a very long time at the show. They are a blast to talk to and it felt like we had all known each other for years. They definately work hard and respect small retail stores. We all connected and I felt like I could have hung out in the Sassafras booth all day.

I respect the company even more now that I have learned a little bit about it and about the people that created it. I just had to give them a little shout out because it was so nice getting to know them.

Rebecca and Vicki it was great talking to you guys! Hope to chat again soon!

Be back later with more pics from CHA!

Happy Thursday!

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