I would call today a success. I would not call it a success by looking at my bank account, however, by looking at my purchases, it was a success. Shane and I went to Magazine Street, downtown New Orleans, and the mall. I found TONS of clothes, none of which I need, and a couple of other little goodies. Here's a peek.

I got a couple of vintage pieces and a new CAMERA. Yayyy! I am so excited to see how the pictures come out. I got the Lomography Diana Dreamer camera. It is this all manual camera that takes dreamlike photos. The pictures are completely raw and fully flawed and I could not love them more.

Here's a look at what the photos look like.

It also has the option of pinhole photos. Here is a peek at one of those.

The camera is really confusing to use. It is a lot of steps and I am having to use the manual each and every time for help. I hope I get the hang of it soon. I am going to take it to LuLus tomorrow and try and get some shots of her egg hunting. Anyways, I am completely exhausted from all of the shopping and I can't wait to go to sleep. I am going to watch some TV and hit the sack. I hope you all have a happy and fun Easter.


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