a night of challenges, laughter, and tons of fun

So, this past weekend, Vera and I were able to spend some hibernating time in my studio. It was a blast. To get us out of our creating rut, we came up with a couple of scrapbooking challenges for ourselves. Here are the results of the first challenge. The challenge was to use the color teal, the word simple, simply in the title, and stay away from layering paper as the background.

Vera's layout:


The second challenge was use the color red or red/orange, use the word age in the title, and divide the layout into equal sections. Here are the results:



Vera and I really enjoyed having much more structure. It made scrapping easier. We weren't just fumbling everywhere looking for product and ideas. We have decided to do it much more often. I also created some more layouts this weekend, and, I even did a layout today in like 30 minutes. Yep, you heard me, a layout on a Monday afternoon and it only took 30 minutes. I don't know what the deal with that was. Anyways, here are the other creations.

Okay so now I am off to the gym for a much needed workout. I swear I think I'm gaining weight and that is NOT NOT NOT even possible!!!! Anyways, I will see you soon, hopefully for a 10 things Wednesday! Muah peeps!


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