10 Things I love Wednesday!!

Well peeps, here I am with a little countdown of some things that i think are pretty darn great today.

Number 1!

My newly painted yellow nails! I have been wanting my nails yellow since the start of spring. I finally found the PERFECT shade this week at the nail place. Wahhoooo!

Number 2!

Old tables and vintage shoes. I NEED some precious vintage shoes. I'll take these, please!

Number 3!

These charms and buttons and dodads. Ahh!

Number 4!

Yes, as a matter of fact, I will take this vintage bedroom to go please....thank you! I mean really peeps. If you live in a place like this, how can you NOT be inspired!

Number 5!

Why can't Shane dress all cool and trendy like this guy? This would be such a great engagement photo...hmmm ideas, ideas!

Number 6!

This visual inspiration wall. I have one in my studio on corkboard and it is DEFINATELY not cool like this. I guess you know who's goin buy a cool frame this weekend....that would be me. I have one more wall in my studio empty and something like this would be perfect!

Number 7!

Okay so, believe it or not, working out at 5am is my new favorite thing. I have been in a weight loss plateau and my brother told me that a good idea might be to start working out in the morning first thing instead of right before i go to bed, for reasons of the metabolism. Well, I took his advice and this morning, I woke up at 4:45 and headed to the gym in Thibodaux. Let me just say that it was great. My workout was better, my day was better, and I actually had time to do stuff all afternoon. I know i only went one day but i am really going to make it a point to make this my new routine! (wow! i just really rambled on about that....sorry)

Number 8!

This cute little kit from Etsy.

Number 9!

Family birthday dinners. Oh i lovvvvvvvvvvve me some family...ALL TOGETHER!

Number 10!

The fact that I am getting, what I consider, tons of money back from my taxes. It is going into a savings and it will be my Vegas money. Now, i don't have to save anything else for the trip. Such a blessing.

Oh and thank you pumpkin pie for going through the headache of doing my taxes for me....you know how much i loves ya!! until wrinkles and beyond!!

Well guys, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed. Have a good..no a great rest of the week!

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