Easter Snapshots

This was the first Easter that was slightly bittersweet. My parents and my youngest brother were all in Colorade skiing for the week of Easter. (It's a long story why Copeland and I were unable to go!) So, Shane, Cope, and me braved Easter all alone. We normally go to our grandparents for some AMAZING bbq and a little TLC. However, both of my grandparents were sick and they decided not to do anything. It was very sad but we were able to go to Kasi's and spend some time with LuLu and Hayden. It was fun. Here are some snapshots from the day! (PS i messed with them in Picnik that is why they are all so random...i was just playing around)


I will be back in a few minutes with some creations from this past week.

See ya in a jif peeps!

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