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So..this weekend was spent doing lots of SMOKING! ...candy cigarettes that it. I gotta tell you i was so pumped when i went to urban outfitters this weekend and i found that they were selling candy cigarettes. As a young little Ash, my mom used to take us to the Fruit Stand in Chackbay for a treat. I would ALWAYS pick candy cigarettes. Then, I would get home, go cruise in my pink Barbie car and smoke the hell outta these candy cigarettes. I coulda cut backflips when I found them at the store. I bought them in bulk and handed them out to friends Saturday night. Everyone was as thrilled as i was and everyone remembered them from the Fruit Stand. Ahh.life's little pleasures.

I mean don't all MATURE 23 and 24 year old girls spend the weekends smoking fake cigs. Oh who cares how immature we are....we relived our childhood for one whole night and it was lovely.

On another note....I really don't like to get too personal on my blog because hey! it is a blog...but I have to vent today. I feel like i am constantly sacrificing, giving, doing, and being there for everyone in my life. I HATE that there are times when I do not get it in return. And seriously....it is my WEDDING....and also....all i do for you....I MEAN REALLY don't tell me you are going to do something and then NOT do it. Just be honest from the BEGINNING. COULD PEOPLE JUST STICK TO THEIR GOSH DARN WORD?????? ugghhhh! Anyways I had to let that out!

I will be back in a bit with 10 lil things that I love!


(c'mon big GUY get me through!)

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  1. Oh I used to love candy cigarettes but went through this faze when raising my own lovies, I would not buy it for them, always thought it promoted a bad habit yet seeing you reminisce on this I wonder if I did them a diservice, they have no candy cigarette memories, does that make me a bad momma?