10 things I love Wednesday

Wow! Miss Ashley is on a roll. Two posts in two days and then on top of that I am actually doing 10 things I love Wednesday on Wednesday! Go me....that deserves some sort of gold star or sumthin huh??? Anyways, here they are the 10 things im luvin right about now:

Number 1!

All of this yellow. Yellow walls, yellow hair, yellow dress. Yellow is a great color for spring. Loves it!

Number 2!

Fresh flowers. I swear if I could afford to have them in my house every day of my life, I would. I also wish we had a cool shop around here with flowers outside like this.

Number 3!

This beat up pink door. I want one like this hanging in my studio....I needa get on finding that!

Number 4!

This lovely photo of these lovely ladies having their hands immortalized. I am so glad I was able to visit this place. Vera, can we go back....like tonite??

Number 5!

Lots and lots of balloons. I love getting balloons for any occasion....it always makes me smile!

Number 6!

This curly little hair....Can LuLU's hair look like this when she gets bigger pleeeeeeeeease!

Number 7!

This random but fabuous beyond FABULOUS family photo....and i thought my family photos were hilarious!

Number 8!

Pretty dining rooms with mix match chairs and table. I sooooo want this look for my home. I need to start flea marketing on overload again.

Number 9!

This photo...i want it framed and in my living room!

Number 10!

This little saying is great and it will be my moto for tomorrow!

Well my friends...it feels good to visit my blog again. I am headed to bed..golden girls and then bed that is!!! I will talk to you all soon. Have a good thursday. You know what thursday means...here comes friday! Praise Jehovah!


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