10 things I love Wednesday

Well, here I am back with 10 things I love....this Wednesday

Number 1!

I want this dress so bad, but it is sold out!

Number 2!

I could die for this bedding. I already put the bug in a bridesmaid's ear that maybe this could be a gift for an upcoming event!! lol

Number 3!

Love this! I may purchase it for engagment photos...i'm on the hunt for outfits.

Number 4!

This couch is FABulous! I need this for my next abode.

Number 5!

This bed has seriously been created with my heart in mind. I saw this bed in person this weekend with the bedding above on it and I could have melted into a puddle. I am trying to convince Shane that we need to purchase this bed for our new marriage. You know, new bed, new marriage...lol..hope it works (cross your fingers)!

Number 6!

Isn't this the perfect setting for your nuptuals. I think so!

Number 7!

i LOVE this layout. Like A LOT!

Number 8!

This would be gorgeous with my gown. It may be ordered.

Number 9!

A couple of my photographer's latest bridals....he could not be more perfect for me!!!

Number 10!

Decorating my studio with Polaroids. I love it!

Okay so this one is filled with wedding and house stuff...but that is my life right now. I am off to tan and hit the gym.

This weekend: I get to put my wedding dress on again and we are also going get bridesmaids dresses. I am excited to see my dress again because I am a lot more toned than a few weeks ago. YAY!

KK...i'm beginning to ramble. Have a great afternoon!


1 comment:

  1. that bed is to die for and you are right every new marriage needs a new bed. My HOBL (hunk of burning love) first bed was a waterbed, it was stylish in 1980 and I can tell you that when we had to get rid of it, I was so sad. We had so much history in it. I held my babies in that bed...
    I believe you need a marriage bed and you need to keep it forever!