The Return of 10 things I love Wednesday!

Well my blogging peeps, I am so sorry that I have not had a chance to post. To start, my students have been absolutely draining, I have also been helping Leslie out at the store a lot and I have not been home much during the weeknights. I started running again too and that takes some of my time, so, by the time I am home and settling down, I have no time to get on here before I bite the dust. Oh and my computer is still infested!! I am really missing my posts myself because they inspire me. So, here are 10 little things that I am digging this week.

Number 1!

The fact that Shane has a job interview that would be bringing him back to me!

Everyone must be praying!

Number 2!

This precious little photo

Number 3!

Number 4!

Can anyone say lovely.

Number 5!

This is just soooooooooo cute...i think that we can all use this reminder every now and again.

Number 6!

This is absolutely perfect and completely dainty....these are the types of things that inspire me

Number 7!

Oh and this is so lovely also

Number 8!

Okay so I found this photo and literally melted in my chair...this is definately my idea of heaven like total heaven...

Number 9!

Sleeping on the beach...this would be ideal

Number 10!
The weekends
....Okay so at this point in my life I am literally living for the weekends. The weeks take such a toll on me and they are so draining. The weekends are complete bliss no matter what they hold. However, this weekend is going to be sooooo yummy. On Friday, I am scrapbooking with the ladies. On Saturday, My mother and I have been invited to the Christmas release party at The Christmas Place. This is the party where they debut their trees and have all of the amazing christmas decorations that they are famous for. If anyone knows me, I bought all of my decorations from this place and they are fabulous to say the least. I live and breathe for Novemeber and December. I am soooo looking forward to spending some big bucks on beautiful christmas things. Shane and I are also going shopping on Saturday and I can't wait. On Sunday, we are heading to church and then being lazy. I am telling you I'm so pumped for the weekend. I am hoping to get back to taking tons of pictures to document the weekend. I have not been taking photos like I used to and I must start that again.
Well, I hope to be posting soon. Thank God the week is almost over! I hope it's great for you!
Praise him oh so much!

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