10 things I love Wednesday...

Well this 10 things I love Wednesday is going to be a little bit different. I have absolutely no time to find some things to put so I am going to put 10moments that I loved from this weekend. The weekend was amazing to say the least. I scrapbooked on Friday with the ladies and had a blast. I will share those projects that I completed later. On Saturday, I went to the christmas party at the Christmas Place with my mom. Let's just say we were absolutely giddy. The trees were fabulous. They were playing Christmas music and I almost wet my pants. I didn't buy anything though because I really need to look at what I have and then go pick out a few items. I completely forgot what I had and I didn't want to get anything that didn't go with my tree. I am headed back to buy what I want though. After the party, Shaen and I went to the mall. ONce again, I bought nothing. I want tons of boots and fall apparel but I gotta give my body a few more weeks. Then, on Sunday, I spent some quality time with my boo and my LuLu. It was such a yummy day...I love those days. Sweats, my boo, laziness, and LuLu. So....enough of that cheeze. Here are 10 moments from the weekend that I love!

Number 1! He makes me so happy!

Number 2!

This is my fave. This one is going in the book. She is such a little lady.

Number 3!

Love it!

Number 4!

Sooo cute!

Number 5!

She was in the midst of cutting flips all over the floor.

Number 6!

Me and Lu Lu were jammin out!

Number 7!

I hate the way I look in this one but it is a good memory.

Number 8!

Playing around all day!

Number 9!

Seriously this melts my heart. He is definately her boyfriend.

Number 10!

Okay so I love these. I bought Maddie this Cinderella baby doll and she absolutely loves it. She rocks it and holds it against her face and says Awwww. It is the sweetest thing.

So that does it. I know that it is a lot of Ms. Madelyn but that is who I spent some time with this weekend. I'm so excited for this next weekend to get here. Ya'll know I live for them. Maddie is coming for a sleepover, my boo will be here, Hayden is having his birthday party, one of my best friend's is having her wedding shower, and a couple of other things are going down. Can't wait!

P.S. God is doing some serious work in my family right now and it is so nice to finally have some good things happening. He is so good and we don't even realize it most of the time.


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  1. Ash - How is your brother? Did Shane get a new job close to home? Just want updates my girl!

    Miss you...